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More often than not, writing is a lonely pursuit, a passion driven by the desire to dream. Well that is how it all started for me, more years ago than I care to remember. Writers learn as they go, but all too often they go alone, afraid of sharing out of fear of criticism. Put simply its a lack of self-belief.

That's where FanStory comes to the fore. It provides an outlet for the self-doubting writer, an outlet that allows the retention of anonymity. You display your work and have it reviewed. Other writers, many of great ability, assess your work and offer advice on style, structure and grammatical content.

FanStory can be a teacher, a mentor and a motivator. It can establish friendships and most importantly it can install in you, as a writer, the belief in your own ability. From there, who knows? Maybe you'll get as lucky as me and find a publisher. God bless G and J Publishers, I strongly recommend their professionalism.

Bob Cullen, author of "The Ultimate Betrayal"

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