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Gender: Male
Born: January,1970
Interests: music,art & virtual worlds
Member: Standard
Joined: January 2012
Learning to write, and meet new people from around the world.
Writing fascinates me. Poetry especially interests me because there are so many forms and styles one can lose themselves in.
I hope to be a recognized writer someday, but I'm happy having just found this great community at Fanstory. ")
Please feel free to post on my page here in the comments, be it good or bad. ")
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Tiny Owl
Michaelwesthill: Auggh...didn't get time this evening to write and just able to review a few stories as well.
Tonight was busy around the home here, hopefully I can find some time this weekend and get back to this new discovery for me and the great folks I've met thru Fanstory.
Anyone reading this, have a great weekend and be safe. ")
February 2 at 11:36PM
    Tiny Owl: Heya Michael, stopping by to say hello! ;-)
    February 23 at 1:34PM

Michaelwesthill: Thinking about writing sci-fi poetry this evening after work.
Lots of reviews to do as well.
I so love this online writing community!
February 2 at 6:40AM
    Tiny Owl: Looking forward to reading some sci-fi then! Glad to hear your enjoying yourself. ;)
    February 2 at 4:59PM
    Michaelwesthill: ") And I'm looking forward to writing it Tiny! Longggggg day at work. Will be online a little later this evening, seeing what I can come up with.
    February 2 at 5:28PM
    Daizie: Cool...I write sci-fi, too. Although I've never posted it on this site. I will be interested to see what you come up with :-). And about this can be kind of addictive. It really is a lot of fun.
    February 2 at 7:39PM

Michaelwesthill: Ahhh..home at last. Longgggg day at work.
Time to get to reading and reviewing my eyes out!
February 1 at 3:54PM

Michaelwesthill: Morning time...I wish I could stay home today and just write!
But work calls, and here I go.
Love this new life I've found in writing.
February 1 at 6:45AM

Michaelwesthill: Another day has come and gone it seems.
Look forward to reading some great stories, poetry and the like tomorrow after work. Oops...seems it is tomorrow as I speak!
wow how time flies when you're writing.
February 1 at 1:05AM

Michaelwesthill: Whew!! worked almost all the evening away on prepping a decent place to write at/on. ")
Now that I'm settling in and got my beverage on, time to write and review!

January 31 at 9:10PM

Michaelwesthill: Looking forward to this evening and sharing some new poetry.
January 31 at 6:30AM

Michaelwesthill: New to the writing community, I look forward to learning from my fellow scribes.
January 30 at 2:57PM


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