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Location: Huntsville, Ala
Gender: Female
Born: 2-28-1969
Member: Standard
Joined: January 2012
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Queexpressions: You ever had a dream of doing something or being something that you just cant think of anything else.
August 24 at 9:21AM

Queexpressions: Good afternoon FS family, It's been a long day my feet are throbbing but my brain is working. Looking for the words to say whatever to who ever. To create a smile or shed a tear of just to say unh hunh!
January 25 at 7:02PM

Queexpressions: It's early in the morning I can't sleep, I am 42 years old what marks can I leave on the world?
January 15 at 7:19AM
    purrfect tale: Stan Lee "SpiderMan" started comics at the 43
    Colonel Sanders "KFC" started promoting his chicken at 66
    Julia Child - didn't know how to cook until 40 - 1st cookbook at 50
    Grandma Moses - never painted until 75, discovered at 78
    Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House Series) 1st published in her 60s
    Frank Court "Angela's Ashes" 1st pub. at 66 - Pulizer Prize at 69

    Those are the ones I know off the top of my head. Hope that inspires you.
    January 15 at 9:39PM

Queexpressions: This climbing out of my hole to see what the world thinks of my writting is not as easy as I thought. Where do I find the courage to keep trying?
January 14 at 5:24PM
    Bellydanser: If writing is truly an outlet or need for you, then try very hard not to let what others say prevent you. If someone is simply being negative, try to ignore them. If someone is giving advice to change the writing, then perhaps you can find some value in what they suggest. If you don't agree with them, don't make the change, but there is a lot to be learned here if you can be open to it. Critiques sting. We all know that. Glean what you can from people who's writing you admire and keep putting your heart into your own work.
    January 14 at 8:34PM
    HuntersMoon: Listen to Bellydanser. Writing is first and foremoste about communicating what's inside. Only secondarily should you worry about what others hear. Write for yourself from your heart. There will be plenty who will look beyond a misplaced comma or a misspelled word to hear what you're saying. If you find one person who can do that, your write was successful.
    January 14 at 10:54PM

Queexpressions: I have never felt more welcome in a place of unfamiliar surroundings, it's just always been me and my notebook Suzy Q expressing herself.
January 11 at 8:23PM
    keimosobie: its you and the entire world now. all accoplished writters to some degree. welcome. i hope you can rise to the challange.
    January 13 at 10:49PM

Queexpressions: i HAVE AN OFF DAY FROM WORK AND ONCE AGAIN IT'S A NEW YEAR AND i AM FEELING LIKE i'M IN THE SAME SPOT i WAS IN LAST YEAr, I said last year was my year, my year to do what?
January 3 at 12:53PM
    Betty517: Your year to whine? It's not what you have done it is how much you have touched others. Reach out through your writing and just write what comes to you! If you touch one person's life in a good way then THAT'S what you've done this year! Smile it could be worse! Believe me! Betty
    January 20 at 7:21PM


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