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Location: Lagos,Nigeria
Gender: Male
Born: 20th May
Interests: Reading and Writting
Member: Standard
Joined: November 2011
Confident, smart, fun-loving, caring, introvert, shy, sometime aggressive my attitude toward life tend towards beliefs in one-self, the can do spirit, where any thing is possible.
my friend usually tell me that am intelligent,witty,cool and brainy.

thy river shall flow, from source through its cause
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adamou 2009
Adam J Santos
a LadyGoGhetta.
malcomsweeet: In a valley where four ways met,she and I met also...

The very first personal encounter i could vividly remember of her was the first touch..She touched my shoulder just then before turning away, and I watched her leave, all the centimeters of me paralyzed in a way I had not felt before.

But inside me think Vesuvius, For many minutes I felt her hand still there on my deltoids, her scent lingering as if smoke from a much-needed flame.

The first time she kissed me was awesome,my eyes was closed so i couldn't describe her own expression.

The first day was fearsome,my heart was bottled up as if it was enclosed so i couldn't decide her intention...that which i can describe either was before that moment.

My existence in that cavern was lonesome,my mind was imposed by her passion so i could've decipher the communication often transmitted as a transition between each mood or emotion..

I have heard many men speak with clangor of iron, and most of the women i had known spoke in a sweet tones of silver, but this lady spoke stridently in harsh voice of brass..

Nevertheless how awkward she pretend to be,i still find her stories enlightening...

Of those things i have learn about Women is the fact that, Women always want money,women always want to talk,indeed she always want to talk and yet indeed she keep silent the urge money had on her,as yet am undecided as to her stance on the need for money..

I am actually not sure if i love her,indeed and true to my mind i love her,in actual sense that's what and why am trying to find out if i can confide in her...

she always made me realize the truth in the following quote

"Have put me in the Dungeon and I cannot find the key;

And if the Door will open i should almost be afraid to walk out"...

Personal beauty they say is a greater recommendation,than any letter of introduction...

Natural beauty she posses is a great source of attraction,than any shiny luster in all ramification...

What i felt in all this enchantment,has made me realized my standing.

It describe my feelings as a Flame that does nothing except burn itself to extinction"-perhaps all the time in agonizing pain,Yet in the process it gives a blessed light and "Warmth"...

if torture is a cursed way to taunt,then sacrifice is sure way to express Love as unblemished and blunt...

In the web of confusion my heartfelt love towards her was a like bullet which require forceful intrusion...

i feared my desirability of her is encouraging me towards an unprecedented danger,but how come love find a perfect timing in the middle of war between two great nation...

To stage a resounding wedding in the middle of a waring faction...

Isn't it dangerous if it actually hold, but the view of it will be grandeur...

even if the fighting warriors or gladiators will prefer it and endlessly describe it as marvelous although ridiculous in the future...

if actually my feeling were to be relayed in will surely be described as thus;

"Once upon a time a valley where four ways met,she and I met also"

In the gulley's where furrows cleft,she and I met also...

for we were young,and frolicked in the silent places of the dawn...

But as yet surely i will never know when the last time will come,

But surely we have never meet again since then though i pray fervently for her sudden return...
November 11 at 11:09AM


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