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Dying for a change
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"I know nothing!"
He licks his lips. "But, you do know something... Mr Sun. And we will get it from you. We want the information."
"I know nothing..."

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Poetic, Just Is.
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Poetic, Just Is.
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shelley kaye
Rain Chapman
PhoenixSun: On my profile picture:

As I was going to do battle with a giant mouse, a lizard came to attack. It was a gecko. It had drool all over it's teeth and hissed at me. So, that was the cue to attack.

"Come here you overgrown excuse of a varment. I will cigar you to death!"

I wielded my cigar and came with all my might...
November 12 at 8:46PM
    Word Weaver: *steps into Sun's imagination*
    WOW!! AMAZING!!! Do you always live in this world???
    November 13 at 5:20AM
    PhoenixSun: Only when I came too, and realized that I was near a "Truck Stop." I had no idea that a "truck" existed... until it almost ran me over...
    November 15 at 6:39PM
    EXMAN. nffc: Nice figure you have there on your profile. Did you paint it. I hang out with a few guys who are seriously into figure painting. Are you a gamer?
    November 16 at 12:53AM
    PhoenixSun: Hi, EXMAN! No... some one bought it for me... and I thought it would have been interesting to have a cigar as sword. The only game I like is are flight simulators... realistic and combat... I am so square... yikes!
    November 16 at 1:40AM
    EXMAN. nffc: I thought it was only Bill Clinton who could use a cigar for novel activities...
    November 19 at 2:01PM
    PhoenixSun: "We need a novel activity."


    "Could you, Sir?"

    Smokes his giant "Sthrocky."


    We have this pice of paper for you to sign."

    Thant's right . No fooling around with high command.

    "Sir, we need this signed right away. Please look at it. It's about Fanstory and it's continued existance.

    Head goes down to look at paper, and a burn mark from hisd burning cigar, hits the seal.

    "We got it boys. All the secret entrances to be vacated and out. In two seconds, Bill Clinin is alone at his desk, smoking his dubbies and going Wow! man... did you see a bright light?
    November 23 at 2:30PM

PhoenixSun: In the year 1205, just around the corner of my apartment, south to southwest, down 15 feet and over 5 more feet to the the bicycle rack next to someones cigerette butt, down another 18 inches in the pit I dug in the hopes of finding some archaeological discovery. I found a rock! Under that rock? Was nothing.

From there, over 3 feet, I found concrete. Renting a jackhammer and attemping to dig another 18inches...
November 12 at 8:32PM
    Poetic, Just Is.: I finally found it... there, in the center of the smallest opening I'd ever seen for something so large as to be hidden in something so small and tucked away, was.... the biggest, baldest, ugliest, meanest.... ________________ I'd ever seen.
    March 31 at 2:50AM
    Poetic, Just Is.: You go to your room right now young man and you think about that... YOu sit on your bed, and you think about that all night until you come up with an answer... and i don't mean ANY old answer, do you hear me? That's right... you know i'm right... Now get out of here before I pinch your little _____________ off! MARCH!!!!
    March 31 at 2:51AM

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