It is Found, It is Planted
The Grave Tree is discovered, and unwittingly passed-on
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Location: Louisiana
Gender: Female
Born: 11/05/1969
Interests: Singing and Writing
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2011
God doesn't give you the people you want, He gives you the people you NEED. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.
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tlad1026: I am so glad to be a new member of and looking forward to posting many more poems, as well as pursuing other forms of writing, such as books, to publish and market. I believe has alot to offer me, as far as networking and advertising go. I also believe there is alot I can learn on this site, because until today, I had not ever written a poem in a Nonet format, but since joining, I have written one, and entered it in the Nonet contest, and I am very pleased with the outcome and ratings my poem is getting thus far. I am looking forward to getting to know all my fellow members of this site, and sharing writings,feedback, ideas and suggestions with each other. For those of you that are members, and have rated or reviewed my poem today, thanks so much for the support! I look forward to rating and reviewing all of you as well. Also, a big thanks going out to my non member friends and family for YOUR support.
March 18 at 12:16AM
    Laurie Clayton: Hello and welcome to FS...I'm sure you'll enjoy.
    March 18 at 12:59AM
    tlad1026: Thank You! Im sure I will too....I maybe be already hooked because I cant seem to get off of here and make myself go to bed! lol
    March 18 at 3:33AM
    tlad1026: Thank You, and I too am looking forward to reading more of YOUR writing as well. Newbie or not, I see a lot of talent in you, and I have no doubt you will go far in life as a writer. Thanks for your interest in my work as well. :)
    March 18 at 10:03AM
    JeJo: Welcome to FS! and yes, there is so much to learn on this site! :)
    March 19 at 7:10PM
    tlad1026: Thanks! I can see that already...I joined thursday and have already learned so many new things! Im super excited and so glad that I joined . :)
    March 19 at 7:32PM
    Larry5000: Just now got around to visiting your profile section, shame on me for taking so long, especially after taking the time to become a fan of mine.
    Like many have said a lot to learn and a lot to read from so many great poets and writers. I hope and pray you have nothing but tremendous experiences up here and that you will share with all of us your beautiful writings as well.

    If you ever need anything at all feel free to give me a holler, I will try and help you to the best of my ability. Take Care.
    March 22 at 2:38AM


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