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Location: Tacoma, WA
Gender: Female
Born: 1980
Interests: Writing and Art
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2011
Creativity is an overflow of thought...
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Mikayla Archer
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mdivya: I have a tray table and a folding chair now. Work space in progress...
March 1 at 6:23AM
    mdivya: Another tray table!
    March 5 at 2:58PM

mdivya: Just relocated. Whew!
February 28 at 1:38AM
    Joy Graham: If you are playing hide and seek I think I just found you :)
    February 28 at 2:09PM
    mdivya: lol, my turn - you hide ....1...2...3...
    February 29 at 1:25PM

mdivya: I am so happy to have the opportunity to write here. Getting really helpful reviews and starting to feel better about my writing.
February 8 at 2:30PM

mdivya: Another sleepless night. Sigh
February 6 at 6:33AM
    mdivya: Lol
    February 6 at 6:38PM

mdivya: ABC poem complete!
February 6 at 1:51AM

mdivya: Learned that clarity pyramids have strict structure. Writing my first one was still enjoyable.
January 18 at 4:50PM

mdivya: Winning my first fanstory contest is awesome!
January 2 at 8:12PM
    mdivya: Thanks :)
    January 8 at 2:34AM

mdivya: Haven't been on the site in a while. Good to be back.
December 30 at 8:38AM

mdivya: Do apples fit in the coffee maker? I'll try to dice em up ;)
April 3 at 3:16PM
    mdivya: Will it bite me back?
    April 3 at 6:31PM

mdivya: Coffee works wonders...
April 3 at 8:16AM
    shelley kaye: they say one apple is actually better than two cups of coffee.... just sayin' ;-)
    April 3 at 12:07PM
    mdivya: Should I peel the apple before I put it in the coffee maker?
    April 3 at 4:05PM
    shelley kaye: sell the coffee maker and just eat the apple :)
    April 3 at 5:11PM

mdivya: Wow, writing binge!
March 11 at 8:33PM

mdivya: The Banyan Tree, an edited version of what I wrote in 2001.
March 11 at 6:05PM

mdivya: Updated "My Mother's Words"
March 11 at 3:34PM

mdivya: Entered two contests ...Exciting!
March 9 at 3:22PM

mdivya: Hello, I'm new here.
March 9 at 1:57PM


No writing posted.

None yet.

No writing posted.
I Remember My Brother finished first in the member created contest "It was worth it"
March 12 at 12:08AM
Chaos reached "All Time Best" status.
February 8 at 11:18AM
Chaos reached "Recognized" status.
February 7 at 2:07AM
The Light won the "Missing a sense - story" challenge.
January 3 at 5:10PM
Solitaire finished first in the member created contest "Empathy with Grief"
January 1 at 2:10AM

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