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Location: Australia
Gender: Female
Born: Wales 1955
Interests: Music, Writing, Horses
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2010
I have loved writing for as long as I can remember, but it is only now that I have given myself permission to write. I love fantasy writing but my imagination runs away with itself and I get quite lost sometimes following it up the garden path. Finding Fan Story has got me excited to write, but I am much too busy reviewing!
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.
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Suzie B
RhiannonD: It's time to write again.
December 9 at 4:14PM

RhiannonD: haven't written a thing since I got feedback in June. Very constructive but life has taken over and writing took a back seat. really need to pull my finger out.
September 23 at 5:44AM

RhiannonD: handed over my children's book to an editor today... very nervous....
June 1 at 12:02AM
    Turtlestage5: Like handing over your baby to someone who might drop it, kind of nervous.
    June 25 at 12:50PM

RhiannonD: Haven't been here in a while. I have found an awesome artist for my children's story. Who knows it may actually happen. Guess I should post it to see what people here think of it.
May 26 at 2:31AM

RhiannonD: My Niece's mother died last night. She has come to live with us... 13yrs old and facing mother's day on Sunday... I know I should write, but so sad.
May 7 at 4:42AM
    Turtlestage5: That is a very sad situation. :(
    May 9 at 8:38PM

RhiannonD: Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin into the future....
May 5 at 6:09PM

RhiannonD: hmmm what wouldn't I like to share?
April 20 at 1:32AM

RhiannonD: it's good to be back!
April 11 at 6:16AM
    Nordica93: Thanks for becoming my fan! I really appreciate it!
    April 11 at 4:22PM

RhiannonD: Off to the bush for a few days to see my youngest. See you all when I get back :0)
April 7 at 4:49AM

RhiannonD: The weather guys keep telling us it's going to rain and we just keep enjoying the sunshine. Gotta love Autumn in Australia.
April 6 at 3:19AM

RhiannonD: oops I think I need some help! I've entered a contest and I'm not sure if I've done it right. Should it be in my portfolio as well?
April 4 at 7:30PM
    redrider6612: is it the tetractys poem? Looks like you did it right.
    April 4 at 7:32PM

RhiannonD: Happy Easter everyone. I'm off to sing my heart out in praise to Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith.
April 3 at 6:05PM
    RavenShrift: Have a very happy day :-)
    April 4 at 7:50AM

RhiannonD: As me old mate Will said: "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more..."
March 31 at 7:49PM
    patmedium: Good Heavens! I thought you were old, but.............
    April 1 at 5:49AM
    RhiannonD: very funny... actually I'm just a fan :0)
    April 1 at 10:10AM
    RhiannonD: I'm from North Wales originally! but I'm much younger than you ;0) so we wouldn't have met!
    April 1 at 10:14AM

RhiannonD: I've decided not to give any more constructive feedback. From now on I will pick up spags and give high fives.
March 31 at 9:11AM
    redrider6612: Don't let the touchy writers scare you into playing their game, darlin'. This is a writer's site, and they should expect to get an honest critique and rating of their work. That's the best way to learn. Be brave, be honest, be kind and most writers will thank you. The ones who don't aren't here to learn and aren't worth a second thought, much less any tears. You're not alone!
    March 31 at 10:15AM
    Celtic~Soul: Ditto everything that red said, Rhiannon. Don't be pushed into giving fluffy fives. Review from your heart and you will be appreciated for it!
    March 31 at 11:41AM
    another jim: Red and C~S are exactly right, RhiannonD! case you don't believe us, I just posted a new short story.

    **holds hand out for high five, and gets ready to squawk about being criticized for SPAG**

    March 31 at 12:23PM
    RavenShrift: Please don't give up on the rest of us just because of a bad experience. Just don't review people you know don't take criticism well.
    March 31 at 2:38PM
    Mariea: Don't let them put you off Rhiannon, if they can't accept an honest review then obviously they're only here to hear how good they are - not worth the bother.
    March 31 at 3:25PM
    Turtlestage5: It's all easier said than done. Its easier for me to get criticism than to give, but like all the others said, don't be afraid to rate honest. Breathe, smile, and then read on...
    March 31 at 6:55PM
    RhiannonD: Thanks guys, I needed that :0)
    March 31 at 7:43PM
    Border Reiver: I completely agree with everything everyone has said above. Did some nasty person mute you? It's happened to me before, the lovely people who hang out in the reviewing section of the forum managed to lift my spirits. You'll find a lot of like minded people there x
    April 1 at 5:31AM

RhiannonD: Ok, I really need to stop reading now and do something constructive! But wait, this is constructive criticism... read on!
March 30 at 8:11PM


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