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Jeanie Mercer
Location: Waco
Gender: Female
Interests: Writing, reading, word puzzles, sudoku
Member: Premier Author
Joined: July 2009
Jeanie Mercer, ever a lover of words, is an author, essayist and poet. She writes columns regularly for the Waco Tribune-Herald, where she has been on the Board of Contributors for about 25 years. Currently she focuses mostly on writing a collection of haiku for her children and grandchildren. A grouping of her haiku is featured each month in Waco Today magazine.
Posted for years above my kitchen sink: "Moment-by-moment obedience to God is the unifier of all our duties." (Paul Tournier)
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Ookami Taki
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Jean Lutz
IndianaIrish wrote to Jeanie Mercer: Congratulations! The October winner of the Recognized Writer reward.
October 11 at 3:08PM
    mumsyone: Congratulations, Jeanie, for this well-deserved recognition! You are one of the very best on the site at writing Japanese poetry forms, well respected by those of us who are still working at it! Love and hugs, Lois
    October 11 at 10:00AM
    starkat: Congratulations Jeanie! This is a marvelous recognition. That pretty red ribbon fits you perfectly ... ;o) Art
    October 11 at 10:12AM
    starkat: Congratulations Jeanie! This is a marvelous recognition. That pretty red ribbon fits you perfectly ... ;o) Art
    October 11 at 10:12AM
    rama devi: Congratulations, dear Jeanie! I'm pleased you won this recognition award :) Kudos. Love, rd
    October 11 at 10:24AM
    adewpearl: Congratulations, Jeanie!! :-)
    October 11 at 10:25AM
    JM daSilva: Congratulations.
    October 11 at 11:12AM
    judiverse: Hi, Jeanie. What a wonderful recognition for you. Congratulations. judiverse
    October 11 at 11:48AM
    Shirley B: Congratulations Jeanie. :)
    October 11 at 11:54AM
    Sally Carter: Jeanie I am so happy for you. Very well deserved. It has always been a pleasure reading your work and talking with you.
    October 11 at 12:07PM
    JennaG: Congratulations, Jeanie! :)
    October 11 at 12:14PM
    Joy Graham: Congratulations, Jeanie! I love everything you write :)
    October 11 at 12:29PM
    Silent1rose: Congratulations!! I bet you're excited! ^^
    October 11 at 12:44PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thanks to all who wrote with congratulations and pretty complimentary words! You could have blown me over with a feather when I was recognized like this. With love, Jeanie
    October 11 at 12:55PM
    mountainwriter49: Jeanie, I'm thrilled to read of you being designated as the Recognized Writer this month. Your poetry is wonderful and I'm so pleased for you to have finally been recognized by the Site. Well done, my friend. -Ray
    October 11 at 1:26PM
    CrystieCookie999: Neato Dorito! Congratulations on being recognized! How neat that you specialize in those tricky Japanese forms!
    October 11 at 1:32PM
    Writingfundimension: I'm so delighted you received this well-deserved recognition, Jeanie. Couldn't happen to a nicer lady -- you're both gracious and talented. Love, Bev
    October 11 at 3:11PM
    Traveler12: Congratulations, Jeannie! Your poetry is simply a delight to read.
    October 11 at 3:52PM
    Moreen's Pen: Congrats Jeanie !!! Hugs
    October 11 at 4:07PM
    Lynar: Congratulation Jeannie and may your success continue.
    October 11 at 4:19PM
    mermaids: You are one of my favorite writers on this site. I cannot think of a better person and poet who deserves this honor. Elaine
    October 11 at 4:31PM
    MAMONIA: Congratulations, Jeanie. A very deserving award for a wonderful writer.
    October 11 at 4:47PM
    mrsmajor: Congratulations, Jeanie, a well deserved recognition!
    October 11 at 5:03PM
    vkmack: Congrats, Jeanie. You are so deserving of this honor!
    October 11 at 11:14PM
    Belinda: Hi, Jeanne, congratulations. You really deserve this, from long time ago... :)
    October 11 at 11:17PM
    IndianaIrish: Warmest congratulations to you, Jeanie, for this deserving honor. You're one of my favorite authors and I'm so pleased with your recognition.
    October 11 at 11:24PM
    October 12 at 12:09AM
    Lovinia: C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S DEAR JEANIE!

    Well deserved ..... your poems are always a pleasure to read. Enjoy all the accolade. Hugs - Lovinia xoxooxox
    October 12 at 12:22AM
    Warren Rodgers: Congratulations, Jeanie. I'm glad FS has recognized such a talented writer and nice person.
    October 12 at 12:25AM
    sunnilicious: That's wonderful news. Congratulations!
    October 12 at 1:25AM
    Dorothy Fennell: Congratulations and warmest wishes Jeanie - Kind regards Dorothy
    October 12 at 3:59AM
    rjuselius: Well done! Congratulations!:)
    rebekka x
    October 12 at 4:41AM
    Jean Lutz: So well deserved! I am happy that FanStory introduced us.
    October 12 at 10:21AM
    Dean Kuch: Well, I'm just speechless, speechless is what I am! It couldn't happen to a better person...

     photo Nicholson1.gif
    October 12 at 1:24PM
    simplyteresa: Congratulations, so well deserved.
    October 12 at 2:50PM
    Jeanie Mercer: I'm overwhelmed by so many gracious notes of congratulations! Thank you all from the overflow of my heart. Love, Jeanie
    October 12 at 3:52PM
    kiwigirl2821: I'd like to add my congrats Jeanie! You are an amazing writer and a pleasure to know. You deserve this! xoxo deborah
    October 12 at 5:26PM
    Father Flaps: Congratulations, Jeanie! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy the deserve it!
    October 12 at 6:54PM
    poesyapprentice: I'm late to the party, but offer my congrats as well! Happy for you!!
    October 12 at 9:33PM
    Maustin: Congrats to you on this amazing accomplishment!! Celebrate. :)
    October 12 at 11:05PM
    davidmercer: Congratulations! You're the best writer I know, and I've known you a long time :)
    October 13 at 7:46PM
    vkmack: Congrats on the Septolet win, Jeanie. Your entry was stunning!
    November 1 at 7:16PM
    Dean Kuch: Congrats on winning the Rictameter poem prompt, Jeanie! Nice work.
    April 6 at 2:14AM
    judiverse: Hi, Jeanie. Congratulations on winning the 3-5-3 prompt contest. judiverse
    July 11 at 8:24AM
    Drew Delaney: Belated congratulations for the Recognised Writer of the Month, Jeanie. I am so happy for you. Carpe Diem.
    October 28 at 11:26PM
    Ookami Taki: Congratulations on your place in the contest. You are a beautiful writer, and you also have a new fan. :)
    October 29 at 2:30PM

Jeanie Mercer: Thought I'd update the picture in my profile since the other one was about three years old.
March 17 at 3:20PM
    Sally Carter: Woohoo, you look SO elegant! That's a lovely pic Jeanie.
    March 17 at 3:40PM
    IndianaIrish: You are an elegant, beautiful lady, my friend!
    March 17 at 7:24PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thank you all for the lovely compliments. One of my granddaughters took the picture with her phone when she was here yesterday.
    March 17 at 7:53PM
    Lise Deangelo: You are beautiful, Jeanie. I'm sending you a hug :)
    March 20 at 4:33AM
    Lise Deangelo: You are beautiful, Jeanie. I'm sending you a hug :)
    March 20 at 4:33AM
    Lise Deangelo: Well, I guess that's two hugs :D
    March 20 at 4:34AM
    Connie C: Very lovely picture of you, Jeanie.
    April 5 at 2:00PM
    Sherryl Bell: Have you had a chance to re-review my haiku? I do not quite know how to put it back for reading, or even if I am able.
    May 6 at 9:59PM
    rama devi: Love your new photo--beautiful and sweet. Yes, elegant too, as others have said. I agree! :)
    October 11 at 10:25AM

Jeanie Mercer: I've been back in the hospital, so I'm a bit slow to respond and review. Glad to be back home again now. Love, Jeanie
August 8 at 5:33PM
    Sally Carter: Welcome back Jeanie. Hope they did you some good in the hospital!
    August 8 at 6:09PM
    Grammies: :). :). :). :). :). Oh happy day to have you back. Stay healthy!
    August 9 at 11:52AM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thanks so much for the good wishes. I'm feeling a bit better. Love, Jeanie
    August 10 at 8:43AM
    Galactia: *.*.*CONGRATULATIONS!*.*.* On your Haiku me win. So deserving and you did the prompt well.

    December 5 at 6:25AM
    Jmmercer: Congrats on your win. Glad you're feeling a little less under the weather. Found your work because we have the same first AND last name (although my first name is spelled a little differently). ;)
    March 4 at 11:13AM

Jeanie Mercer: I appreciate so much all these lovely messages that you have been concerned and rejoice with me in my recovery. You are so thoughtful to write, dear fellow writers. Love, Jeanie
June 8 at 8:39AM

Jeanie Mercer: Update: I survived the heart surgery (which was an iffy thing) and am now recuperating at home. I'm thankful to feel better day by day. Thank you to those who have had good thoughts and prayers for me. Love, Jeanie
June 6 at 10:35PM
    Anisa-: I don't know you, but that's amazing. I wish you the best in your recoveries! Glad to see you're up and typing again :)

    June 6 at 11:57PM
    Sally Carter: Wonderful news Jeanie. I know everyone will be happy to hear this. A hug being sent your way.
    June 7 at 2:47AM
    janalma: I'm happy you're ok. Someone mentioned a while back that they hadn't heard how you were, and I was a little worried. Looking forward to reading you again.
    June 7 at 9:20AM
    purrfect tale: Good news! I'm doing a happy dance for you, until you're fit to do it yourself.
    June 7 at 9:37AM
    another jim: We've been thinking about you here, Jeanie Mercer! Glad you're on that road to recovery.
    June 7 at 9:48AM
    Joy Graham: So glad you are back with us! Your poetry is fabulous and I'm so excited you'll be posting again. Take care of yourself and recover well :)
    June 7 at 10:34AM
    Razz: Such wonderful news, Jeanie.
    God is good. May He continue to bless and keep you.
    June 7 at 11:07AM
    Shirley B: Wonderful News! I am so glad you are posting again. Fanstory and Waco, Tx couldn't do without you. :)
    June 7 at 6:04PM
    fireflylil: Great news Jeannie! Heal well!
    June 7 at 6:36PM
    Writingfundimension: Congratulations, Jeanie, on your top three finish in the Faith Poetry contest. Good for you! Love, Bev
    June 18 at 10:07AM
    IndianaIrish: Warmest congratulations on your 2nd pace finish with your wonderful poem of faith, Jeanie!
    June 18 at 2:39PM
    Moreen's Pen: Congrats Jeanie on your second place in the Faith contest:) Big Hugs to you.
    June 18 at 5:50PM

Jeanie Mercer: Once again, I am scheduled for heart surgery to replace a badly damaged valve. This is set for Thursday, April 26. I'm not sure how long I'll be out of commission. Just thought I'd let my friends on FS know. I'll appreciate your good thoughts and prayers. Love, Jeanie
April 22 at 6:58PM
    Natala Wolfsblood: May the Goddess watch over you in this time of need Many blessings.
    April 22 at 7:56PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thank you, Anya, for your sweet blessings.
    April 22 at 9:09PM
    Joy Graham: Praying for you Jeanie!
    April 22 at 10:21PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Joy, I really appreciate your prayers.
    April 22 at 11:03PM
    Sally Carter: Jeanie, I only just saw this, so I hope you are now in recovery. I shall be checking your profile page and hope to read good news soon. x
    May 3 at 3:35PM
    robina1978: Hi Jeanie, We don't know each other, but just read about your second heart operation. I had one 26th January this year and still will take a long tome to build my condition up. I was quickly back on line too and see you are. Will pray your recovery might go quicker than mine just now. But I am better than before. Will keep you in my prayers, Ine
    May 28 at 10:26AM

Jeanie Mercer: I have been very sick and in the hospital a week and a half. Home now and hope to get back into the swing of things gradually, at least to some extent. All surgeries put on hold. Sorry cheerier news keeps being delayed. Love to all, Jeanie
March 30 at 9:22AM
    adewpearl: Jeanie, so sorry to hear you were that ill. I do hope you are on the mend.
    March 30 at 9:55AM
    juliaSjames: Take care of yourself, Jeanie. Sending you loving prayers.
    March 30 at 10:43AM
    Joy Graham: Get better soon! I've been thinking about you :)
    March 30 at 2:56PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thanks so much for the loving thoughts and prayers.
    March 31 at 1:55PM
    Sally Carter: Jeanie, so good to know you are back home, and hopefully moving forward. I don't know whether surgey being put on hold is good or bad, but please let it be the former. Take it very, very gradually getting back into that swing, won't you!
    April 3 at 1:06PM
    mazi jee: may allah give you complete health.
    April 15 at 2:33PM
    Lise Deangelo: Love to you Jeanie. I pray for your recovery and strength :)
    April 18 at 6:51AM

Jeanie Mercer: My heart surgery has been postponed at least six weeks while I am recuperating from having another stent placed this week. I do so appreciate your prayers and kind thoughts.
February 25 at 5:56PM
    nancyjam: I'm sure you would have liked to have it behind you. Will keep you in my prayers. Nancy
    February 25 at 7:12PM
    nancyjam: I'm sure you would have liked to have it behind you. Will keep you in my prayers. Nancy
    February 25 at 7:12PM
    Joy Graham: I will keep you in my prayers, Jeanie.
    February 25 at 8:30PM
    judy corcoran: thinking of you jeanie with my fingers crossed and lots of love sent your way xxxxxxx hugs
    February 25 at 10:20PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thank you, Nancy, Joy and Judy for your kind and understanding comments. I felt honored to hear from you. Love, Jeanie
    February 25 at 11:50PM

Jeanie Mercer: Dear friends, I am scheduled to have open-heart surgery in a couple of weeks to replace a badly leaking mitral valve. If you have a prayer in your heart for me, you might wing it upward. Love, Jeanie
February 12 at 8:25AM
    Anisa-: I don't know you, but I will send positive thoughts your way.
    February 12 at 2:12PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Anisai, thanks so much. I really appreciate your good thoughts.
    February 12 at 2:20PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Rec. I do so appreciate your prayers, and the blessing.
    February 12 at 7:11PM
    Lady & Louis: Blessings to you, Jeannie.
    February 13 at 1:23AM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thanks for the blessings, Lady & Louis, and may blessings be on you as well.
    February 13 at 7:24AM
    fireflylil: Loads of blessings and prayers for your healing heart.
    February 13 at 7:20PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Love the beautiful thought of my "healing heart." And thanks so much for your prayers and blessings.
    February 14 at 1:01AM
    Dawn of Tomorrow: Shall definately lift you up in my prayers.
    February 17 at 4:32PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thank you, dear lady, for lifting me up in prayer.
    February 18 at 6:38AM
    Sally Carter: I just saw this Jeanie. I am sending you a big virtual hug from the UK. Be well soon. You feel like a member of the family. x
    February 18 at 12:50PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Oh Sally, thanks so much for this precious message. How wonderful to get a hug across the waters from such a lovely and talented lady, and what an honor to be considered like one of the family. Thanks for your good wishes. One of these days maybe I'll post a happy note here that does not involve being sick.
    February 18 at 10:43PM
    juliaSjames: I am requesting a most benevolent outcome to your surgery, Jeanie. May the Great Healer attend you during the procedure and the recuperation process. peace and blessings.
    February 19 at 8:38AM
    Jeanie Mercer: Your request to the Great Healer warms my heart, Julia. "The prayer of a righteous man [or woman] is powerful and effective." Blessings back to you.
    February 19 at 10:39AM
    Earl of Oxford: I'm not a religious person, Jeanie, but I just had a quick pray for you...just in case. It sure can't do any harm. Best wishes, earl x
    February 20 at 12:22AM
    Jeanie Mercer: Your prayer is even that much more special, Earl.
    February 25 at 5:53PM

Jeanie Mercer: Thought I'd just share with my FS friends that I am recuperating from surgery I had last week to implant a special state-of-the-art pacemaker/defibrillator. Hopefully this may gradually begin to strengthen my heart enough to avoid or postpone a riskier valve procedure. Today my husband and I marked our 60th anniversary (we were married as mere children!) and I am grateful to have been spared to reach this milestone. My love to you all.
September 29 at 12:21AM
    Moreen's Pen: Congrats on your 2nd Place win my friend!! Hugs, Maureen
    September 29 at 8:51AM
    nancyjam: Congratulations on your 2nd place win and your anniversary. Hope you will feel stronger now.
    September 29 at 11:55PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thank you, nancyjam, for your warm congratulations and good wishes.
    September 30 at 9:13AM
    fireflylil: Jeanie, Congratulations on your 60th and best wishes for good health! Lilli
    October 1 at 8:33PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thank you, Lilli! I really appreciate your stopping by with congratulations and good wishes.
    October 2 at 6:42PM
    Moreen's Pen: Congrats on your first place with "a jillion people" Hugs Maureen
    November 4 at 9:36PM
    Lovinia: Congratulations on your senryu win. Your poem ... 'was simply THE BEST'. I am still laughing!
    Love & Hugs Jeanie - :) Lovinia xoxo

    WOW! Sixty years - a lucky man indeed. And I bet he was a great catch too! Happy Anniversary. Wishing you many more years of happiness together. xoxoxo
    November 5 at 7:37AM
    Lovinia: Just checked the voting booth - EXTRA CONGRATULATIONS on your Nijuin Renga. An absolutely lovely piece of work. Enjoy basking in the glory! Love & Hugs - :) Lovinia xoxo
    November 5 at 7:45AM
    victortouche: And my love to you, Mrs. Mercer.
    November 27 at 12:45AM
    Moreen's Pen: Congrats my friend on your 2nd place win with "Rose Wisdom" :)xo
    December 14 at 4:49PM
    January 4 at 5:24PM
    Moreen's Pen: You're on a roll:)...congrats on your Haiku win with "frosted daffodils"
    Hugs maureen
    January 27 at 1:14PM

Jeanie Mercer: This is Amy, Jeanie's daughter. She asked me to share with y'all that she is in the hospital in ICU with fluid in her lungs. I went to see her today, and she looks good and may actually get to go home in a couple of days. She would appreciate your prayers.
Amy Mercer Enoch for Jeanie Mercer
July 31 at 11:16PM
    Lady & Louis: Amy, thank you for passing that on. Please tell Jeanie I'll be thinking of her!
    July 31 at 11:22PM
    Sally Carter: I am so sorry to hear Jeanie is in hospital. Please tell her that I am thinking about her and wish her good health and home soon. Sally
    August 2 at 10:03AM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thank you, dear folks, for your concern and your good thoughts! I just got home from the hospital a little bit ago and seem to have passed through that crisis. Love, Jeanie
    August 2 at 9:24PM
    Lady & Louis: So glad to hear you're home, Jeanie - hope your recovery goes swimmingly! Louise
    August 3 at 3:49PM
    victortouche: Thank you for the info. Jeanie, you sweet thing you. Reviewing me from the hospital. Get well.
    August 8 at 2:23AM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thank you, Victor! Actually I'm home now, gratefully feeling better.
    August 9 at 7:46AM
    tati: Hi, Jeanie, I'm happy that you're home, and feeling better. I found just now these beautiful words in Jesus Daily site. Hope you enjoy. With much love,


    When you are sad.....I will dry your tears.
    When you are afraid.....I will comfort your fears.
    When you are worried.....I will give you hope.
    When you are anxious.....I will help you cope.
    I am your Savior. Do you accept my help?
    September 5 at 7:27AM
    Jeanie Mercer: Tati, thank you for these beautiful, faithful sentiments. I know you have had reason to test these words. My love to you. Jeanie
    September 14 at 10:44PM
    Betty517: Congratulations on your win!
    September 17 at 12:23PM

Jeanie Mercer: I almost overlooked an interesting writing prompt contest organized by AlvinTEthington called "Works Inform Faith." It asks the writer to describe, in under three hundred words, "a recent incident in your life and how it reflects your faith." He is looking for personal accounts of simple acts (not mere words) of faith. The contest is open until Thursday, so you still have time to write something for it. To locate the contest, click on "Contests" then click on "Writing Prompts."
February 22 at 4:11PM

Jeanie Mercer: Just a note here to let anyone interested know that I have been home from the hospital (after a one month's stay) a couple of days and am doing well. This was my third heart attack so I now consider myself a three-time winner, maybe miraculously so. I appreciate so much your warm messages, your prayers and all the kind thoughts expressed here. I hope to get back into the swing of things (but I'm not swinging very fast). My love and best regards to all of you. --Jeanie
October 3 at 11:58AM
    Amicus: So glad to hear you are doing well, my friend, I miss the lovely poems, sane voice and keen critical insight you consistently bring to FanStory and look forward to hearing from you again soon. Take care.
    October 3 at 12:59PM
    Jeanie Mercer: Thanks so much, friend. Your good words here are music to my ears.
    October 3 at 1:13PM
    Shirley B: So glad to have you back. We missed you. Please take care of yourself. Shirley
    October 4 at 11:45AM
    TheBritsWife: Hi Jeanie! It's wonderful to hear from you, and I'm so glad you are okay. We've all missed you and your beautiful poetry. ~Love & Hugs~ - Karen ;-)
    October 7 at 6:43PM
    mchapman: I read this and I know you can always use another well wisher's thoughts. Hope you are better and things are going well for you......Mary
    November 2 at 2:26PM
    Congratulations on winning the Parallel Prayers of Praise contest, Jeanie. God bless you. jj
    November 11 at 1:57AM
    Sally Carter: So thrilled to see you wrote the haiku I voted for! It's nice to have reassurance one's opinion is not swayed by seeing a name. I hope your recovery continues to go well. Sally
    January 13 at 5:49AM
    Connie C: Congratulations, Jeanie, on yet another win--this time for your haiku. You are such a talented poet and so deserving of the win. My best to you, and I hope the new year finds you in better health. Connie
    January 13 at 11:12AM
    marcellawachtel: Congratulations on your win with "Hannah and the Gracious 'Gifts"
    a stunning poem that followed all the complex rules of the contest!
    February 11 at 12:54AM
    juliaSjames: Congratulations on your win in the haiku prompt with "graceful curtain falls". A dazzling write!
    March 11 at 11:50AM

Jeanie Mercer: This is Jeanie Mercer's daughter, Amy. My mom wanted to tell all of you that she is in the hospital after having had a heart attack last Friday (9/3/10). She is doing much better, but is still very weak. She hopes to be back on line soon. Thanks!
September 11 at 6:39PM
    adewpearl: Please tell your mother I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers, Amy :-) Brooke
    September 11 at 6:42PM
    nancyjam: So sorry to hear this news. Our prayers and thoughts are with her. Hope she is home soon.
    September 11 at 8:56PM
    Amicus: I am so sorry to hear of Jeanie's illness, Amy. Please let her know I am thinking fondly of her and wish her a smooth and speedy recovery.
    September 12 at 12:52AM
    Connie C: Please give your mom my very best wishes, Amy. I hope her recovery will be swift. She is a wonderful poet, and I miss seeing her work. Connie
    September 13 at 8:48PM

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