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Location: Arvada
Gender: Female
Born: February 1
Interests: Spending time with my 2 children, reading, naturally love to write, being outdoors and loving life!!!!
Member: Premier Author
Joined: July 2009
Heidixoxo is a fun and exciting woman who enjoys life. She has been blessed with two beautiful children that are her entire world. She has always loved to write (about almost anythng) and has recently decided to take it up a notch.

Heidixoxo feels very blessed in this life to have been given the opportunity to write and share her work. Hopefully many will be inspired and encouraged to do the same....take a chance!!!!!

Heidixoxo just finished her first novel.....Legal Tendencies. A sequel will follow in the near future.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work.....

I am hoping to learn alot from FanStory and make some new friends along the way. xoxo
The Golden Rule would have to be the best.....
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Isaiah Ramesses
Righteous Riter
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Heidixoxo: ** Today, August 15, 2014 we sadly were faced with Baby Sophia's 1st Angelversary in Heaven. Although it still feels sooo raw, real and fresh, I find myself shocked that its been an entire year!! I just want to thank my special friends here that have comforted me on this tragic journey. It means the world....honestly!! So much else has happened in my world and I'll post those crazy updates soon. The most important thing is to let you guys know I appreciate you!!

I'm trying with all my heart to get back on here and start actively writing again but for whatever reason I'm finding it difficult. ;( Guess I'm going to need some "pushy" yet gentle support?! Thank you again for your great messages just letting me know some still care. I'll treasure those forever!!
August 16 at 3:14AM
    Linda Engel: prayers are with you.
    August 16 at 9:46AM
    desire333: Hello, I am new here. But want to say, keep your head up, even though it gets hard sometimes. I have gone through the same thing some years ago, its not easy, but than, we are strong women! Your in my prayers.
    August 16 at 5:05PM
    Oatmeal: You are a strong lady. I do not think I could deal with the pain of losing a child. i had to lay my kitty down after 19 years but my little girl is 29 and doing fine.

    Love you,

    August 20 at 10:20AM

Heidixoxo: It has been such a long, sad and stressful year after losing Baby Sophia. Her first Birthday would've been this Sunday, July 20th here in the physical world. Instead she will be celebrating her Angel Birthday in Heaven....

I'm excited to be back on FanStory and resume my writing. Been working on ensuring my mind is in a better place now, it's been rough!! I hope my writing has great strength behind it as it's one of my favorite things to do.

Thank you again to everyone who has had my family and I in your prayers this past year. I truly look forward to reconnecting with all of you....
July 18 at 5:10PM
    Ridley Williams: Hello Heidi, my deepest sympathies on your loss. Seven years ago, we lost our 4 month old grandson the same way. We have been blessed with two more grandchildren since, but we still miss little Samuel. I'm glad you've returned to the fold, and I wish you peace... Bill
    July 18 at 5:39PM
    pafaust: Her birthday coincides with the anniversary of the first moon landing. That's cool! I'm sorry for your loss. I hope that writing helps to keep your mind from being too sad, though I know that will be hard. I'm new, but look forward to getting to know you.
    July 18 at 6:00PM
    adewpearl: I am so sorry, my friend, for the sad reason you've been absent. I hope your return signals that you are working through this struggle and ready to use your talents to heal, as much as one can heal from such a loss.
    July 18 at 6:08PM
    Reachingforthestars: My sympathies on your loss, Heidi. So very, very sorry.
    July 18 at 9:06PM
    Kaila Mari: Hi Heidi; so sorry to hear about your loss. So happy to know you are back, writing again. Blessings on your journey of healing; lean on Him and He will see you through!
    July 18 at 9:53PM

Heidixoxo: As sad as I am to announce, my precious and beautiful 24day old grandbaby Sophia passed away yesterday in her sleep. Please keep my daughter and family in your thoughts and prayers. I've NEVER felt pain like this before. A mommy should NEVER have to bury a baby. Just not fair.... ;(
August 16 at 11:51AM
    Debra White: Heidi, I'm so very sorry for you and your family at this heartbreaking time. Sending my sincerest sympathy. Debra x
    August 16 at 11:53AM
    adewpearl: I am so very sorry, Heidi. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    August 16 at 11:54AM
    shelley kaye: aww so sorry! what happened? "sids"?

    August 16 at 12:13PM
    Cumbrianlass: That is so sad. I'm truly sorry, Heidi. My sincere condolences for your tragic loss.
    August 16 at 1:07PM
    Joy Graham: I'm very sorry to hear this news. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    August 16 at 1:20PM
    Honeycomb: We lost a grandson at two months to SIDS. My heart goes out to your loved ones. God Bless you all. Nancy
    August 16 at 3:17PM
    juliaSjames: So sorry for the loss of your precious little one. Heartrending!
    August 16 at 5:30PM
    Heidixoxo: Thank you to those that left me comforting comments. It truly means a lot to my family and I. The pain is so real and very fresh so PLEASE continue to keep us all in your thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all....xoxo
    September 28 at 2:24AM
    Delena729: I am very sorry.I am certain Sophia will rest in peace.She was a beautiful baby!
    October 5 at 6:58AM

Heidixoxo: On July 20, 2013 at 5:44am, my daughter Stephanie gave birth to my very first grandbaby, Sophia!! I am truly a very blessed and happy lady. Poems coming soon on baby....xoxo
August 14 at 1:44AM
    Debra White: Aww! Congratulations :)
    August 14 at 2:12AM
    Heidixoxo: Thank you Debra....I am thrilled!!
    August 14 at 2:44AM

Heidixoxo: Well....I have been blessed to return yet again!! I am very excited to be back and I'm ready to write, write, write. Looking foward to catching up with all of my friends and fellow writers....

March 2 at 11:42AM
    rama devi: ::: * {{ Welcome back! }} * :::
    March 2 at 12:54PM
    Heidixoxo: Thank glad to be back!!
    March 6 at 5:34PM
    Reachingforthestars: Tried to go read and review some of your pieces, but they seem to have been removed from public view. Pity!
    March 15 at 9:23PM
    Qu33ni3: Hey :)
    June 22 at 11:47PM
    Heidixoxo: Hey everyone....xoxo
    July 18 at 7:25PM

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