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Location: Stockholm
Gender: Male
Born: 1955
Interests: To play the guitar, drawing, reading, running, walking in the woods, movies, theatre, dancing
Member: Premier Author
Joined: February 2009
Springrain is a 56 years old male, born and living in Stockholm, Sweden. Writing has always been one of his great interests. For periods, though, work and studies, drawing, playing the guitar and running, not to mention love and relationships (rightly so), has taken the upper hand.
For five to six years ago, Springrain decided to give drawing and writing a more serious try.
The creative process, in itself, and the results it produces, is the main reasons and rewards for the effort. Another aim is to forward compassion, humanity, human rights and democracy. A distant dream is to one day be able to make a living on it; at least to some extent.

For seemingly paradoxical reasons, Springrain has not yet figured out how the gears of his project work. But if he finally got his act together and took his driving licence, there might be some positive spillover effects. Springrains greatest challange though, might be to meet a nice woman and build a family. In accordance with Springrains, to some extent, naively optimistic wiew on life, it is never to late.

Besides what Springrain has published here on Fan.Story and on a poetrysite in Sweden, there is only a poetrybook from 2007: "Sasom saden..." (As the seeds...), containing 20 poems and illustrations. And of course, there has been some sketches through the years...

Springrain worked as a substitute teacher for 12 years, and finally took a highschool teachers exam, with swedish and history as his main subjects. Since 8 years he has been working as a caretaker at homes for elderly and sick people.

Springrain has studied at Drew university, Madison, New Jersey, and took a Bachelor of Arts exam in the spring of 82. His major is Political Science. The other subjects are history, anthropology and art. The time at Drew was some of the best years of his life. He also has a Bachelor of Arts exam in literature (Fil.kand), from Upsala universitet, Sweden.

On the surface Springrain has some problems with shyness; not always, but too often; not too serious, but still a problem. And something he has not yet made a serious effort to come to terms with.

Still, without beeing naive or unrealistic, under that, Springrain has a very positive and optimistic attitude towards people, life and the world. Also, a very strong belief in himself and his capacities. Springrain is also active on FanArtReview under the username "Dolphin".

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Joan E.
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springrain: I wish all Americans a Happy Thanksgiving!
November 25 at 7:55AM

springrain: In this moment of hardship for so many americans, with the storm raging, I hope that you all come out of it safe and well.
October 30 at 6:06PM

springrain: All you writers in this fruitful soil, I do wish you a Happy New Year! Springrain
December 30 at 5:42PM

springrain: I wish everyone on Fanstory a Merry Christmas! Springrain

December 23 at 5:20PM

springrain: This is a week of remembrance of all the victims in the 9/11 attacks, and of all the soldiers fallen, and all the civilians killed in the following wars and terror-attacks.
September 12 at 2:56PM

springrain: Hi there everybody! Hope all is well with all of you.
July 13 at 2:44PM
    ulster3: Hello, springrain. Are you bi-lingual? I passed through Sweden and loved it. Rebecca
    August 4 at 3:12AM
    springrain: Hello, Rebecca. No unfortunately I am not bi-lingual. Although I have a love-story with the english language. Glad to hear that you had a good time in Sweden. Springrain
    August 4 at 4:58PM

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