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nicolas huerta
Location: Florida
Gender: Male
Born: October 1977
Member: Standard
Joined: October 2008
part-time lush, con-man, blue collar nobody, teenage hobo (by choice) subscribes to the old days ways and manners. Ladies first, yes sir, yes maam, hold doors open for women and elderly etc. A self destructive nature comes every few years, as this is how I deal with daily routines or life becoming stale, dull, not quenching the soul's thirst. Been known to lower himself to fit and blend in, has an ability to mingle with the rich, as well as the poor, and believes there's not much difference between them, but insist that the poor have the greatest laughs. Race, Beliefs, and Social Status matter not, but respect is shown for everyone, doctors, police, jesus freaks, needle freaks, crack heads, outlaws, the crazies, the homeless, the troubled teen, single mothers who really try, single fathers who also really try. the villians that do what has to be done to make endss meet, bills paid, a christmas that will make the children squeal. Not a fan of violence, bullying, and the hurt done by shallow people, superficial people, greed people i feel true sorrow and pity that they spend their brief time on this planet scheming, plotting, hurting, and forgetting about the magic of petting an animal, cloud watching, counting stars, or feel that mute thrill when the sun rises and smears the sky pink purple orange cream while bird songs chirp and cheer like gospels
just when i discovered the meaning of changed
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nicolas huerta: everything beeps now
May 5 at 2:32PM


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