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Funny poem about your job
Write a humorous poem about your job. It can be any job, but it has to rhyme.
5.00 member dollars  Poetry  9 of 18 45.00 member dollars Contests
100 Word Horror
The challenge is to write a poem that contains some form of horror or thriller. No more than 100 words.
5.00 member dollars  Poetry  13 of 18 25.00 member dollars Contests
SweetLinda Pic
Write a poem or short story about your favorite write or Fan Art of SweetLinda. It can be about her writing abilities, the art itself, or what the poem means in your book. Please list your choice in the contest notes. Fun is a must.
5.00 member dollars  Not Specific  14 of 18 20.00 member dollars foxangie123
Judiverse Blesses FanStory Universe
Look up Judiverse and pick your favorite write and pen a story or poem about how she writes or that she writes about or what you admire. Please List her work used in the notes. Mandatory Fun.:)))
5.00 member dollars  Not Specific  16 of 18 10.00 member dollars foxangie123
Pick a poem written by sandramitchell or write about the most amazing authoress herself. It can also be a story if you wish. Pick a picture of SweetLinda at FanArt to use if one is used. Select Fun too.....
5.00 member dollars  Not Specific  15 of 18 15.00 member dollars foxangie123
An object
Write a poem about any object which you love the most let it be perfume,books,etc.
5.00 member dollars  Poetry  13 of 18 25.00 member dollars Contests
Tonights Blue Moon June 21-22 2016
Write a Trisect poem in a sense of relational too or association between, Mars, Jupiter, and Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, and your life. AKA Blue Moon.

5.00 member dollars  Poetry  9 of 12 15.00 member dollars D.E. Rider
damommy is queen
Write a poem or short piece about damommy and that you like or take one of the writings she has mastered and write on that. Please list the piece and mandatory fun.
5.00 member dollars  Not Specific  16 of 18 10.00 member dollars foxangie123
This should be a fun contest to enter. Write a poem about the symbols used in print, such as question mark , comma, period, etc. and use the symbols you name.( See my contest entry) You can either choose one and write an ode to it or mention three or more in a poem of any kind..
Math symbols are also allowed.
5.00 member dollars  Poetry  15 of 16 5.00 member dollars RYME4U
Comic Super Hero of the Future
I would like for this to be a story. The character needs to be described, and an event of the character's skills in action needs to be the story. Please limit this story to 2000 words.
5.00 member dollars  Not Specific  13 of 18 25.00 member dollars Joyce Long
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The Bee Funeral
It was hot, it was spring, it was Catholic School
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