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Write a story where one of the characters is in a disguise.
5.00 member dollars  Fiction  14 of 18 20.00 member dollars Contests
Nature 3-5-3
Write a poem with a 3-5-3 syllable count on nature.
5.00 member dollars  Poetry  7 of 18 55.00 member dollars Contests
You are challenged to write a story about a kidnapping. Maximum word count is 500 words.
5.00 member dollars  Not Specific  12 of 18 30.00 member dollars Contests
Obama's Wiretapping
Write a 5-7-5 on Trump's allegation that Obama wiretapped him at Trump Tower
5.00 member dollars  Poetry  5 of 18 65.00 member dollars ytbard
I Believe
Write a story or essay that begins with the sentence: I believe _______ (finish the sentence). Maximum word count: 1,000.
5.00 member dollars  Fiction  15 of 18 15.00 member dollars Contests
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