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Main Stream Media UK

   Thread Started January 21 at 6:05AM

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This has come up again. Again, I've been informed I must be getting my news from the 'Mainstream Media' because it happens to be different from another's world view. So I thought I'd look at my views and my country's MSM, to show that Mainstream Media here isn't exactly the liberal, anti-god, Muslim loving beast some seem to think it might be.

There are several printed newspapers in the UK. The main national ones are:

The Daily Mail
The Sun
The Times
The Telegraph
The Guardian
The Star
The Mirror
The Express

Out of all those papers, the one that sells the most is the Daily Mail. Of all those papers, only two have a left wing/liberal bias. The Mirror and the Guardian.

The Daily Mail is full of sensational 'hang 'em high, all Muslims are terrorists, benefit cheating scum' sort of headlines. This is where the majority of printed paper readers get their news. It certainly isn't liberal, in any sense of the word. As someone who works in a shop which is also a newsagent, I can confirm it is the most popular seller here in the channel islands, a reflection of its popularity in the UK.

The Times, which in our shop is second on the popularity front, isn't as brash as the mail. It was once what we called a 'broadsheet', a more serious paper than tabloids like the Mail and the Sun. The broadsheets also used to be bigger in physical size, hence the name. Pain in the arse to read though, since they would occupy your whole kitchen table and take about a week to read. The Times has less celeb gossip, and might be less sensationalist than the Sun, but it still knows where its bread is buttered, and plays to the conservative gallery.

The Sun - another popular tabloid, and a sign of the lean towards more right-wing thinking over the years. Unlike the Mail, which has always been a conservative paper (pro Nazi back in the war, don'tyerknow), the Sun was a labour paper until it switched allegiance about 25 years ago. Now, when celebrities aren't adorning its cover, it is yet another mouthpiece for those who want us to believe towns are banning Christmas and Muslims are taking over the country. Before it was Muslims, this paper and the Daily Mail gave us lurid (and inaccurate) headlines about the invasion of raping and thieving Eastern Europeans, because these types of rags always need somebody else to blame.
But at least the Sun no longer has tits on page three...

The Torygraph ... sorry, Telegraph.

This still IS a broadsheet, although a little less unwieldy in size than it used to be. The Saturday version weighs a ton because of all the extra bits in it. This is the Daily Mail for more educated conservatives. No celebrity gossip filling its pages. Broadly, it espouses the same views as the Mail, but using more refined language, less sensationalism, and is less inclined to present made-up statistics as fact.

The Star - A tabloid with no actual news in it, just lurid celeb gossip, and it still has women with their tits out in it. The least said about it the better, really. We only get one of those a day in the shop. It doesn't sell.

The Guardian - another ex-broadsheet. More liberal approach. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, we don't get it in the Channel islands any more. It tends to write exposes on all the tax fiddles going on over here.

The Mirror - a tabloid biased towards labour/left. The ONLY tabloid which is, but barely noticeable among all the lurid tales of, you guessed it, celebrities.

We used to buy the Independent (broadsheet) years ago, but you can only get that online now. And it WAS fairly independent, running more fact-based articles from both sides of the fence, and a low celebrity count. (I really don't care who some overpaid footballer slept with).

The Express - somewhere between the Sun and the Mail.

So, there you have it. The most popular Mainstream Media outlet which is non-televisual in this country reads like the allegedly so 'alternative' stuff you apparently get. Stuff the media don't tell you according to the alt-right can be found in plain sight in the Daily Mail.

As for television, well, the BBC news offerings don't have as much bias, but it depends who you talk to (perception again.) Right-wingers thing it's leftie, Leftists think it's right wing. I personally, am still not seeing the alleged mainstream media painting the world in pretty colours of overwhelming support for LGBTQ rights and 'Muslims are nice really'. Leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn didn't get votes by support from the MSM over here, that's for certain.

For me, the alternative news, which I DON'T see in our mainstream media is still stuff like 'Muslims standing against terrorism worldwide' and 'Jeremy Corbyn is not a dangerous devil'.

All the dodgy reports about dangers with vaccines are all reported in our MSM and sensationalised by the likes of the 'Mail'. That paper can spread fear and panic like nobody's business. and it usually does so with little or no evidence to back up its claims, but the good little sheep Mail readers lap it up.

So, please stop telling me where I get my news from when you don't know what the MSM is beyond America. Over here, the MSM is far less liberal than the stuff you get in America, it would appear.

I'm certainly NOT getting my balanced views about the value of some vaccines, the fact that the only religion that ever got Christmas banned in the UK was Christianity itself, and that not every muslim is a terrorist from our crap Mainstream Media.

CD Richards

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RE: Main Stream Media UK

Reply on January 21, 2018 06:24 AM << Modifed January 21 at 6:30AM >>
I'm sorry, Emma, but it was impossible to resist.

I don't wish to detract in any way from your post, which is a very useful and important summation of the news print media in the UK. How many are owned by Rupert?

I like bacon
because it tastes good.

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RE: Main Stream Media UK
Reply on January 21, 2018 08:04 AM
The Sun and the Times are actually the only ones owned by him. The telegraph is owned by the Barclays, the Daily Mail is owned by Viscount Rothmere, The Guardian is owned by the Scott Trust Ltd, The Mirror is owned by Trinity Mirror, and the Star and Express are owned by Richard Desmond through Northern and Shell.

Basically, the point being made here is that most of our mass mainstream media is owned by the wealthy elite, and most of it is what pumps out the anti-vaccine, anti-immigration, anti Muslim, anti-science, anti-climate change rubbish that is apparently oh, so 'alternative' that in America you only read it on shady underground websites.

I think DJ thinks he's telling me stuff I don't know because I only watch/read the mainstream shit. In fact he's telling me stuff I already heard years ago off the mainstream shit before I stopped paying attention to the mainstream shit.

The mainstream shit in this country is owned by rich blokes who want to keep the country in conspiracy theories and the mistaken belief that their country is going down the tube because people like THEM are losing influence. It serves them well to have the masses distrust their doctors and believe that every immigrant is a dangerous rapist.

DJ's got it arse backwards. He thinks the controlling elite are selling us the liberal world, when actually it is the controlling elite who want to drag us back to the dominance of the White, Heterosexual Christian Male, because that is what they all are.

Well, phooey. We've lived under that crap long enough and where exactly has it got us? A country that thinks the white, heterosexual old man in the white house is 'alternative'. Do me a favour.


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