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The Tally

   Thread Started December 4 at 11:24AM

I'd like to enter your contest but I was in your last contest that just passed and was a little surprised at the outcome. I knew there was no chance of getting any votes because I wrote something silly, as usual. I don't care about that. What I do care about is when the contest was over and the votes were all tallied. It turns out there was a total of 41 votes. Minus my vote for my own stupid piece, there were 40. The odd part is that the piece I had entered only had a total of 20 views. Something doesn't add up there. 20 views and a total of 40 votes? That means 20 people voted in the contest that didn't even bother to look at my piece. So if some folks think it's okay to vote for their friends and not even bother to read all the entries, I might just have to pass on this one.


Brett Matthew West
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RE: The Tally
Reply on December 6, 2017 04:54 AM

Can understand your questioning of this, as it does not seem to make sense.

Have also noticed in several other contests, not Lyrics Make The Song, those with large followings on this site some times appear to garner the votes even when someone else's piece is obviously superior. Has happened to me before. Suppose that is one of the pitfalls of this site.

Here is another way you can share your lyrics, if you would desire to: join the Lyrics Make The Song Group and post them in the threads of the group. I also lead this group for FanStory.