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For Newbies on Critiquing.

   Thread Started July 1 at 1:34AM

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Over the last few days I've gotten what I consider inappropriate comments from new members, all basically the same regarding posted stories. There should be a brief introduction to help when commenting, rather than letting them find out on their own. I'll try to explain about commenting on stories. Maybe someone can add unwritten rules on poetry?

Although I'd love to post ten or twenty pages at a time, I know better. Fanstory members will only tolerate four or five pages at a time, sometimes six if they become interested.

Some stories are stand-alone and posted all at one time. Some are longer and must be split into sections to be posted individually. When you read a section (posting) of a long story you can't expect to have an introduction, storyline, and a conclusion.

The first section should have a "Hook" to draw the reader into reading more, introduce one or more major characters and the environment. It will probably NOT tell the storyline or plot, nor have a conclusion.

The middle sections may continue fleshing out the characters and may reveal the plot, or not. It may only serve to advance the storyline. It will NOT have a conclusion.

The final section will have the conclusion also, typically, action leading up to it.

If you do not read a complete story, a stand-alone one, you can only pass judgment on the author?s writing skill, mention errors or perceived grammar and spelling errors, and look for logic errors.

A chapter should be complete in itself, though not necessarily giving a lot of character development or even plot. A novel chapter should be a complete scene, such as in a stage play in-between drawing the curtains to change backgrounds. A story section, though, is only a chunk out of a longer story -- split at an appropriate place.

Have you noticed how in published novels some chapters are only a few paragraphs long while others may be ten or twelve pages? The same goes for novels here. One chapter may require several postings, since in a stage play one scene may go on for an hour before changing the background. You should grade it the same as several consecutive sections.


Years ago most stories garnered four stars, if only an error or two. Five were appropriate with no errors and six if considered perfect.

These days that has regressed to five stars being normal and six still for exceptional.

If a lot of errors I sometimes give three stars and have only given two stars twice since 2006. Both times I spent a lot of time mentoring the authors to help them improve. I've never given one star ... yet, he-he-*Gigglesnort!*

Language -- Use if there is a lot of adult language in the posting. Not necessary if one or two words.
Sex -- Use if there is graphic sex in a posting. Not necessary for innuendos or simple comments.
Violence -- Use if there are fights of any sort or violent activity. Face slapping doesn't count.


Daniel Wood
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RE: For Newbies on Critiquing.

Reply on December 5, 2017 03:17 PM
This is a great thread. Thank you folks for keeping this available.


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