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The sparks fly in a loving meaningful relationship

   Thread Started October 10 at 9:55AM

The sparks fly in a loving, meaningful relationship (philosophically speaking)

Looking at this great split between mankind. This two way split that everyone on this site notices, laments, and writes about; One doesn't have to spend very long at all just perusing ALL, or ANY of these kinds of threads to notice this split of mankind as being very real. WHAT is it REALLY? Here are my uncomfortably "goofy" two cents worth on this.

This split among God's beautiful Ceation, whereas, it seems as though each side feels like it is such an alien, or different "form" from the other...
Almost like a whole different gender from the other, like one of the sides is from Mars, and the other side is from Venus.

This split....
It Is not, of course, really a gender thing.
It is not a racial thing.
It is not a political thing.
It is not a religious thing.
It's not a conservative versus liberal thing.
It's not a those who believes in God, versus those who don't, thing.
It's not, even, a who is "enlightened", versus who is "dumbed down" thing.
It's not a who believes in good versus evil, or even a God versus Satan thing
It Is not even really a who believes in the Bible, versus a who doesn't believe in the Bible thing.

This split of mankind,
it is kind of, ALL of those things.
And YET, it is also, very much NONE of those things.

(To, in a way, leave the Bible out of it right now, because, either the Bible IS positively real, and Truth. And, everything it says IS pertinent to ALL of our lives. Or, it isn't, in which case none of this in any way even matters one little bit. But, let's just say... let's just, for THIS thought exercise, LET'S say or agree that the Bible IS very real and IT'S God IS very real.)

Perhaps, these two battling sides are NOT as different from each other as they might think. Perhaps they are like two "forms" in the image of the same glorious Creator, that haven't yet figured out that each has Divine and very "sexy", and yet transcending and "carnal", yet spiritual things to offer to the other one. Natural know, the kinds of things that when the two sides learn how to properly and lovingly intermingle with each other and enjoy each other, we can consumate and give birth to the New Creation that the mighty Creator intended all along for us to bring onto this earth ( or be the parents of).

This "thing" that separates these two future parents, is quite a simple, yet profound thing. Here it is:

One side, believes in their heart of hearts, that there can be a "utopia" here on earth ( to use a non believer's word. To use a better word, I will call it "the Kingdom of God".... remember now, we are suspending disbelief for the sake of my argument) (Psalm 2:1-3) To say it more solidly, the one side believes, or desperately would like to believe, that there can be a utopia here on earth, without the presence of a god, or God having anything to do with it. (Whether they want to admit that this IS written upon their hearts or not. A good question might be : "Why might THAT be?" But, I digress)

While the other side, believes that there can be, and will be, a Utopia, or a Kingdom of God, ONLY with God's intimate presence in it. But, NOT HERE ON EARTH. ( Psalm 2:4-11)

Maybe both sides are partly right, and both sides, partly wrong. Didn't we REALLY know this all along?

Don't both sides really need to court each other, and figure out how this consummation thing really works? One that will finally give birth to the Utopia,( Kingdom of God that the Gospels most definitely speak of) through the climactic, almost orgasmic rapture that both sides have been lustingly, or at least wantonly longing for. And, one that God has been waiting patiently for.
One where the Utopia , or God's Kingdom, is actually WITH God, AND Here, ON EARTH.
Who knows how long THIS will take ...But it IS GLORIOUSLY in the works, I believe. This, in spite of all of the perverse and "unnatural" ways that each side has been trying to gratify themselves to get along on this earth without the other. It's time for us ALL to figure it out.

But, right now, I believe that the whole world is gloriously witnessing mankind's miscarriage as spoken of in Psalm 7:
Whoever is pregnant with evil conceives trouble and gives birth to disillusionment. Whoever digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit they have made. The trouble they cause recoils on them; their violence comes down on their own heads.
Psalm 7:14‭-‬16 NIV

NOW, let's let THOSE "romantic" sparks fly and get busy courting each other so we can FINALLY, lovingly consummate this thing called mankind. ( By realizing that last verse of Psalm 2, that answers that Psalm's opening question) And give birth to the "ON earth as it is in heaven. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done". That The REAL King told us to pray for. We've all been waiting long enough. The Lord is very patient, but I am not. Lol.

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RE: The sparks fly in a loving meaningful relationship

Reply on October 10, 2017 01:57 PM
All we need to create utopia is the ability to share. There's plenty of food for everyone, if only the places with more of it would share it with those who don't have enough. There's plenty of shelter if only those who had plenty of it would share it with those who haven't got it. There's plenty of love if only those with lots of it would give it to those without it.

We live in a land of plenty. Unfortunately, collectively, many of us don't seem to have seen it as 'enough'. So we've stripped it, raped it, looted it, pillaged it, damaged it perhaps beyond repair to get more out of it.

My utopia is called 'enough'. If you have a full belly, somewhere warm to rest your head, and people around you who care, that is enough. If you have all of that and you still ain't happy, then what good is a utopia going to be to you anyway?

You see, that to me is the collective utopia we all, as you rightly say, DJ, crave, no matter what our creed, colour, etc. But a percentage of the earth's population not only have all that, they have the means to give that to everyone who hasn't, probably twenty times over.

I know I have all that. I share what I can of it. If everyone who had it shared what they could, think what everyone would have?

Sadly, humans don't think that way, collectively. If we did, we wouldn't have war, famine and poverty.

Could we work together to change how we collectively think? Maybe. But we'd have to (sorry about this) leave our gods and our truths behind us and just focus on each other. Because the 'truth' is that there are people starving, lonely, scared for their lives. Maybe they are thousands of miles away. Maybe they are your neighbours. God? Evolution? Neither theory puts food in their bellies, takes the gun from their enemies, or gives them a bed for the night.

But you can do that. I can do that. So, hear hear to putting aside our differences and focusing on each other, in the here and now, not when we die, not where we came from, but where we ARE.

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RE: The sparks fly in a loving meaningful relationship
Reply on October 10, 2017 02:32 PM
Amen, sister Sark. I agree and I am glad you got my point...Save for the part about God eventually being the ruler over it all. Lol.


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