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Tear down those pyramids.

   Thread Started August 24 at 12:09PM

Tear down those pyramids.

I know that the origin and presence of the Egyptian pyramids is MUCH more insidious than the mainstream belief perpetrated upon us. But to engage the duped in their own foolish game:

Not only were these great monuments built for slave owners , but they were actually built BY slaves.!!! SLAVES!!!, of ALL colors, I would be willing to bet.

Why don't we ALL band together for humanity and insist that these great monuments to slavery be torn down?

Any thoughts on this most cut and dry matter? ( Aside from the size of the demolition task)

Let the cricket chirping begin. Lol.

AnnaLinda (SweetLinda)

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RE: Tear down those pyramids.

Reply on September 28, 2017 11:05 PM
I'm trying to catch up and this is getting complicated.
What happened to the pyramids??

I love that Sphinx! I'm wearing him now...around my neck. I must be a slave...Wait...I forgot, I'm a white supremacist!

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