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RE: Scientology
Reply on November 16, 2017 02:40 PM

To be fair, are all religions not 'made up'? I'd like someone to actually 'prove' that statement wrong. lol

If you much maligned against, it's doubtful you'd want to send a representative either... whether rightfully maligned or not.

Hell, Jediism was a recognised religion in the UK for many years. Actually recognised... made up from a science-fantasy film...

I myself am actually an ordained minister... how's that for barminess?

I'm not particularly defending Scientology, but I always look at the source, what it's for and who supplies it. That'll be the historian in me coming

I like bacon
because it tastes good.

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RE: Scientology
Reply on November 16, 2017 03:08 PM
I'm an atheist, Gman, of course I think they are all made up, lol.

I would absolutely send a representative, if I was much maligned. I wouldn't let the only side of the story told be the negative one without at least presenting something as balance.

If I was invited to appear on a documentary, I'd do it. Yes, I might be misrepresented, but at least I could say, 'well, I showed up and this isn't what I said'. Not even showing up only makes it worse.

I started this thread to learn more about this organisation, if anyone knew anything, or even were members, because beyond the negative documentaries and the official sites of the church, it's hard to find much about what people get from being a part of it.

CD Richards

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RE: Scientology
Reply on November 16, 2017 04:11 PM
I think with Louis, probably the thing that upsets these organisations more than anything is his mild manner. As Emma said, he basically says very little, and gives them the rope to hang themselves. I vaguely remember one of his specials from years ago where he planted himself in the middle of a swingers group, and a couple of the ladies took quite a shine to him. It was fun watching his discomfort, though I don't think it was made clear whether he managed to survive with his "honour" intact.

And I agree with Gman, all religions are made up. Not often you'll get an ordained minister to admit that, though.


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RE: Scientology
Reply on November 17, 2017 01:04 AM
i disagree.
it's what I've learned what can i
Scientology was founded by L ron hubbard...he wrote sci-fi
finger to head circling outer space.'s a secret...ssssshhhh
the ah "full" meaning ...lil by lil is revealed to the membership that the ah hubbard ship is truly in control...members pay for years to maybe one day hopefully learn what the upper eshelon Cruise is an alien secretly addicted to there you have it. free of charge...-smile-

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