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RE: Eclipses
Reply on September 19, 2017 12:19 PM
Craig, I too used to concern myself deeply with the integrity of the Bible, but then I came to realize that the God who was able to exhale the big bang of Creation out, and who has put His signature upon it , not just by the fulfillment of His Covenant as explained by His manual, but by the beauty and perfection OF His creation. As so glorious put forth by Psalm 19. THAT CREATOR GOD, would really have no problem at all seeing to the fact that what His creation would have as their manual would be the one that He would WILL them to have, at the time they would need it. I also used to concern myself with some of the things/ issues you AND Emma put forth in regards to ancient things even ,at least seeming ( or even really are, ) older than scripture. I have made this point before, that it is quite small minded of ALL of us ( Christians included) to think that an eternal God HASN'T been up to other things more than 6 thousand, six million, or even 200 million years ago. And of course it is just small minded me even saying this. Lol. This is why I say that the Manual is our instructions for us right here and right now on how God wants us eternal souled humans to comport ourselves at this tiny speck of the Universe for this current speck of time.

I find I constantly have to remind myself that it is not up to me to convince you guys, or anybody else about these seemingly (to us mere humans), crazy things. THAT is really the job of the Lord God and the Holy Spirit. It is only my job, as according to the manual (that I have come to believe as not shoddy at all, but very REAL , as evidenced BY the creation)...
My job is to love the Lord thy God with ALL of my heart, ALL of my Soul and ALL of my mind, and to Love thy neighbor as myself, which would, of course, include sharing the Good News of the New Creation.

That all being said, if the Bible IS true, it most decisively tells us that there is an entity, called Satan, the Prince of THIS world, who comes like a roaring lion seeking whom he can destroy, through deception, lying and stealing. How's that for conflating a few verses?

If THIS is TRUE, then of course as the old saying goes:
"The Devil's greatest trick, is convincing you that he doesn't exist." But perhaps, even a greater trick of his , is convincing you God doesn't exist.
And if THIS is true, then of course Satan, the REAL tyrant to humanity * in THIS world, and his minions are going to use Satan's airwaves, his education, his science and medicine and any other of his powers of THIS world, to tell you all it is just a bunch of fairy tales and bunk. He IS going to keep "killing us softly with his song" ( or however that old Roberta Flack song

All that I can do, is sow some seeds, and pray for the Holy Spirit of Truth to water them.

*. I realized that I already said all this, so why write it again ? Here is an old write:.

The War on for our minds- the tyranny of control

We like to talk about, and discuss "political tyranny', but really there are five other "kinds" of tyranny that have been more intimately involved with the world we live in today. These five forms of control that have been insidiously and covertly, and sometimes not so covertly, used on us to create this, dare I say?, authoritarian world in which we live.
On a personal note, I must admit that in writing these kinds of things, I am often inclined to feel like the man pointing at the giant meteor or unavoidable comet that is hurling into the earth's atmosphere. This is probably why I have tried to shift my focus more towards urging people to get more spiritually ready for the world that is coming. But, me not being God.... Only a believer in and loving follower of this Lord who "moves in the most mysterious of ways.". .. I will write on.

As to These five tyrannies of control that I will outline, I will point out that of course, they always have some exceptions ( thank the Lord) , and many of them along with their sub parts are kind of intermingled and interdependent and supportive of each other. But that all being said, these are, I think, overarching Truths of the world we live in. And I have written extensively in the past on each and every one of them

The five tyranny's of control-

#1 Economic. tyranny -

A) control the people corporately, in the upper middle class to the upper class by paying them well to "tow the NWO line" . ( Or face the unemployment that will leave them unable to pay their inescapable college debt, and place them into B or even C. )

B)Control them mostly in the middle classes through taxes of all kinds and regulations.
C})Control them in the lower,ever growing towards middle economic class, by creating a dependence class , this is Very easy to them and gives them voters that give them much power.

In this light, it is quite easy to see why the "powers that be" hate, and wish to shrink the middle class , that is much harder to control in these ways.

#2 Educational tyranny

( this is not to say that there are not some good schools out there, and good teachers and administrators who kick against these things everyday. (usually Christian, I must add)

A) teach the students that God doesn't exist. Teach them that evolution/science is their God
B) instill in them a victim/oppressor worldview, along with a sense of "social justice'
C) instill in them a love/devotion/ dependence on "the state"
D) if you HAVE to, ( to get funding) teach them to read and write and some arithmetic
E) in the colleges , reinforce the indoctrination, increase the sense for the need for "social justice" and get the students enslaved in debt, to make them more economically controllable.

#3). medical tyranny

A) instill in the people the belief that "disease just happens". That environmental factors such as food, air, and water quality, and anything else they might be exposed to ( including injections) , have nothing to do with acquiring disease.

B) instill in them the belief that the only way to cure disease is through pharmacological drugs / and or surgery administerd to them by state sanctioned agents. (The. FDA even says this in their definition of disease / cures)

C) sedation- through fluoride in our water, or through fluoride in our pharmacologicals ( mostly antidepressants) or perhaps through injections? ( who really knows what else is in those usually unneeded immunizations. )

D) Collect gobbs of money by offering health insurance that even gives them more power and control, and the collection of premiums that always ultimately is based upon "managed risk " or always profitable actuary tables.
Then,. If you can even offer a universal, state mandated healthcare. system. .. Well then you can even have greater control of A,B, C and D.

#4. Informational tyranny through propoganda

A) control the narrative:. This is the biggest thing raging . This INFO WAR. This control of the narrative. This can be broken down further:

1) gate keeping
Controlled opposition, or controlled alternative viewpoints or so called sanctioned "experts" that keep thought in a certain pre- ordained "box".

Use technology to control information dissemination. (Especially over the Internet... Using automated censoring algorithms on social media) Tracking of trends , by the collection of data also helps to build more successful censoring algorithms. )

2 ) instilling the facade that news agencies X, ,Y and Z are the authoritative news and information dispensers . This facade is falling fast or has fallen... And is the genesis for the new term"fake news". Albert Mohler had a fascinating report on this in his daily briefing** about the battle for narrative supremacy.

B) tell them what to think
Instill in them the sense that it is o.k to think "x" or even "y", but it is NEVER O.K to think "z".

C) tell them what to feel
especially in connection with their sense of social justice and what they deem as "acceptable" morals.

D) give them distraction and entertainment-
that causes apathy and reinforces A,B and C.

#5) Theological or religious tyranny

A) the divisiveness of ignorance
Using disinformation and misinterpreted and misrepresented theology of one religion to create derision and animosity towards another religion. This is practiced by and perpetrated upon all religions which include Christian, Moslem/Islam , Judaism and Atheism to name the biggies.
I will say that the open and free discussion and debate , done peacefully among ALL religions is what humanity SHOULD demand. This all is a great thing as long as one man's religion does not infringe upon another man's free will. Of course, this leads me to B.

B) the promotion of aggression.
When one religion perpetrates violence onto another entity.... Whatever the reason. ( I will just add that in a post Jesus ( the man) World, violence and aggression of the religious type ( at least from a Christian world view) has been invalidated. This doesn't mean that self preservation, on a macro or micro scale, may not be a valid thing.... This is an area for further religious debate for sure.

C) the promotion of apathy -
This pertains mostly to Christians who believe, perhaps correctly, or perhaps incorrectly that "Jesus coming soon" excuses apathy towards the
" powers that be" agenda.

One should probably ask: "What is the reason behind these five tyrannies?"

Well, I would hope we would know the answers.:

To extinguish the light of the city on the hill..

To kill once and for all the rising tide of liberty that raises ALL ships.

To kill the American spirit that declared:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ? That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed"

To kill the Declaration of Independence and American Constitution+Bill of rights

To form a NEW "Declaration of Dependence" Dependencec upon the Globalist New World Order and its leader/ founder : Lucifer.

Of course most people probably don't even recognize all of this as being actual tyrannies , and many , most sadly are quite willing to give themselves over to them. THIS is what kind of makes me feel like we have actually already lost this "war on for our minds". .... But as I said before, and certain miraculous kinds of things continue to remind me "the Lord works in mysterious ways!"

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RE: Eclipses
Reply on September 19, 2017 07:17 PM


I've read your last post, and I must say so much of it I do agree with...especially when you speak to what the responsibility of a Christian means...The Bible is the TRUTH, Jehovah God is the Creator, His only begotten son Is Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit is (His active force)...there is also a spirit force, that we call satan, and his job is to turn as many people away from our God, just as he did with Adam and Eve...he is the master of this world...just as Prayer directs us toward God, he and his angels creep into the mind of people, when they are not even aware that he is directing them..

I checked out some verses that come from the book of Daniel that speaks to
a "Kingdom"...and there are also some that might interest you in Revelations.

Daniel 2nd Chapter verse 44...Daniel 7th Chapter 7 verses 13, and 14...and also Revelation Chapter 5, verses 9, and 10.

When I was a little girl, going to Sunday school, on Sunday mornings, it was a regular thing for us, in my house, and the greatest thing I can remember was being taught "The Lord's Prayer"...that's found in the book of Matthew, Chapter 6, verses 9 through 13...(I'm sure you know this).

Verse 10 says "Let your Kingdom come, Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon the earth"...and to my understanding that shows there is another Kingdom to be established, and it will be free from sin, just as there is not sin in Heaven..I don't want to go further with my thoughts, but I hope you will read the verses mentioned.

There's a lot more to it, than what I have noted, but right now, satan has taken over the ruling of this worlds, and when Jehovah God takes back His sovereignty, as creator, then will come the true Kingdom of God...Its best that you read the verses, if you like, of course, and I'm sure you will research further...I can't get it all down in one posting.

The Tribulation, Resurrection, and of course Armageddon, all point to the Kingdom of God...You may not come up with the same answers as I have, but at least you are willing, and yes able to consider their meaning...I will be looking forward to some response...I may not be around tomorrow, but I'll be back...Blessings..

Just Some Thoughts!

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RE: Eclipses
Reply on September 20, 2017 09:52 AM
Emma, I was looking for your utopia comments, but found these instead so I thought I would respond to a few of these for now.

You said,

"it reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend about alien abductions (bear with me, this IS relevant). I posited that I was sceptical about alien abductions because all the people who claim to have been taken describe aliens as seen in the movies. As a lover of schlocky sci-fi, I am very familiar with the bug-eyed humanoids known as 'the grey people'. His answer was, 'well, maybe they all saw the same thing, and the movie guys produce stuff from a subconscious memory'. "

Emma, I hope that you are at least aware of this school of thought that the movie industry and "Hollyweird" is very much involved with dubious entities in the "shaping of our thoughts". It has been since it's inception. Also , some of the famous sci Fi writers of the end of the 19 th century onward, have been under the pushing of this same agenda It is VERY involved in this "predictive programming" aspect to culture. The more one is aware of it, the easier it is to see. If you'd like, I could search out and give you sources on this . But I'm sure just a great googly moogly search of "predictive programming in movies" (or even Frank Zappa songs lol. ...there definitely does seem to be something to this "collective consciousness" idea , or maybe it is the work of the Holy Spirit??? Idk. ) this search could lead one down many bunny holes. It is indeed a strange, strange, and getting stranger every day, world we live in...whether one wants to really confront it or not. ( I say, that the Biblical worldview. IS the only one that really makes sense of it all,. BUT everyone has the right to stay bewildered in this world, I guess .Lol).
The reason these aliens all look like this, is probably because that is what the programmers want you to think they look like ( these entities from other dimensions...Not really "space aliens", related to Genesis chapter 6.) I could, but many more people, much more brilliant than I, have studied and offered conjecture upon what is REALLY afoot there. But, I won't here.

Then, you said,

Giants are popular creatures in fables and mythology, as Craig said, world wide. I think there's a reason for this. I think they did exist, but not in the way you think. I think they exist today. 

I think you might be right that they still exist today, and not in the way that YOU think. These Giants may very well have really existed in the world, because God's manual tells me they did, AND because I am a Biblical literalist. THAT very well could be why they were so popular in the oral traditional narrative. The incredible thing about the manual, to my view, is that it works both metaphorically and literally( and prophetically) to give us many great insights and truths. But what's your old saying ? "One man's inkblot is another man's Truth", or something like that. Lol. But Blessings dear. I hope to find and comment on your utopia points.

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RE: Eclipses
Reply on September 20, 2017 01:14 PM
Other thread, DJ, I think.

I like bacon
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RE: Eclipses
Reply on September 20, 2017 02:36 PM
And no, it's what gullible people who haven't learned to distinguish between truth and reality think aliens look like.

Everything you see in the movies is based on something you can find in nature or in humanity. In some cases it is extrapolated to an extreme point, in sci-fi and in horror. There's weirder stuff lying at the bottom of the ocean, or crawling around in your garden than in most of these films. It's not hard to see where the ideas come from.

Come on, DJ, you're a writer ... haven't you ever looked at something and thought, 'OK, what if that were ten times bigger', or 'what if that inanimate object could move'?

Do you know, there's a place where there's a lot of deformed frogs. At first, people thought it was due to a chemical spillage, but actually its a parasite that mutates frog spawn, causing the frog to grow extra limbs, making them slower and easier for herons to catch. Inside the heron, the parasite can complete its life cycle. There's an alien movie creature right there. I'll just bet you don't believe me (to be fair, I wouldn't either, if I hadn't read about it and seen things about it), so google the Ribeiroia parasite. There's a fascinating read about it in National Geographic, if you get the time.

What's already here is far weirder than anything anybody can make us think is here, or is coming, and most film scriptwriters take their inspiration from natural stuff that would give any human the right willies. Art always imitates life. Humanity takes it and incorporates the extrapolation into it's psyche, and THAT'S where people allow the Hollywood folk to have a far greater hold over them than needs be, and imbue Hollywood with all sorts of sinister crap. Which, of course, Hollywood directors love, because it puts bums on seats, and money in the bank. They know their audience; one whiff of a conspiracy and you've got a blockbuster. Why do you think 'X Files' was so popular? Because it tapped into every conspiracy theorist's ... well, theories, and chucked it right back at them as entertainment (that and it was a good series).

The art is to make the unbelievable believable. So, you chuck in a bit of truth (yes, there are X files), and add in a whole lot of known speculation, invent some likely monsters, and voila.

How the general public chooses to perceive this is up to them. If they've really not got the brains to work out that Hollywood produces whatever sells, and taps into whatever the latest popular fad of a theory is, then frankly they deserve to be victims of some plot.

I'm sure years ago we didn't believe everything we saw in the movies was a)real or b) part of some plot because we weren't exposed to every Tom, Dick and Harry broadcasting their innermost fears all over the sodding internet. And, probably because people had enough to worry out just getting on with the business of, you know, living.

And that's how your bible works. It's just real enough to make people think about the unreal stuff. And that's natural. But we are all writers here. We know how this works. So is it really so inconceivable that the bible was written by writers like us (but better, well, better than me, anyway). Given that we owe most of how we view and celebrate Christmas to a writer of fiction, and some writers are said to have 'shaped a generation', can you not meet me half-way by admitting that we are influenced by art only as far as it imitates enough of our reality, to make us question where the fantasy might end?

You've built up enough of a world view from the writings of others to see that. Heck, you even think universal healthcare and social justice are tyrannies despite claiming as your biggest influence as a book whose good guys fight social injustice and heal the sick. So, I guess Jesus's loaves and fishes trick was a way of controlling the five-thousand, and moses led the slaves to freedom so he could exercise his control, eh?

But, since I owe my right to vote for those who learned about social injustice, and my life to the national health service, I guess I'll see things a little different. If I thought I owed my life to your god, I'd probably think as you do. So there you are. In the meantime, whilst your god did nothing to help the holocaust victims, but a human being did, whilst your god did nothing to find a cure for any disease, but humans have, whilst your god did nothing to feed the poor and needy but humans have, I'll take humanity, and all its agendas. I'm not na•ve enough to think they aren't there, but I'd rather that than leaving people to die on the streets or be exploited, whilst waiting for their god to do bugger all about it.

CD Richards

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RE: Eclipses
Reply on September 20, 2017 06:28 PM << Modifed September 20 at 11:57PM >>
I see that you completely ignored my invitation to state under what conditions you would smash someone's baby to pieces, DJ - instead, briefly telling me why you think it was OK for God to do it. That said, time to move on. You've given a lengthy personal statement of your views concerning the Christian scriptures, which are crystal clear. You haven't stated why or how you arrived at them, my response might touch on that.

So what it boils down to, DJ, according to your post, is what it always boils down to - the Bible must be perfect and infallible, because the Bible says so. This is a self-evident truth, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. That's from your point of view. From the point of view of logic, it is known as circular reasoning.

As it turns out, I have a Bible too. Not one, but several, actually. I may have already alluded to the Ford EA Service Repair Manual. Another is Veganissimo - Beautiful Vegan Food. Unlike your Bible, however, Veganissimo doesn't tell me to use salt on page 27, and not to use salt on page 91. It doesn't tell me to cook a dish for 30 minutes and also for two hours. Furthermore, if I handed my book to 100 people who were capable of reading and following simple instructions, they would all 100 of them end up with the same result. How different is that from your Bible? My book's instructions are clear, precise, and complete. Exactly what I need to achieve the task of preparing an enjoyable meal. On the other hand, the Bible is contradictory and its lessons murky and often unfathomable; and this from the infallible creator of the universe, desperate to ensure that mere mortals obey his every whim. Poor effort, that. I toyed with the idea of publishing a description of what a recipe might look like if it came from the pages of the Bible, but I haven't got the time right now - perhaps a project for later. I think it could be quite amusing.

As I see it, DJ, the difference between our positions is this - your entire belief system is based on a priori assumptions, without which it all comes crashing down (in actual fact, it does any way, but adherents will not allow themselves to believe that). God must exist. The possibility that he (or she) might actually be any one of thousands of other deities, or might not exist at all is inconceivable. Why? Because the Bible tells us so. Why should we believe the Bible? Because God wrote it. Circular reasoning. No sane person walking the Earth has ever seen or heard God. They have never seen angels or demons. They have never seen talking snakes or donkeys, or zombies walking the streets. They believe these things because from the time they were tiny children they have been told from all sides these are things they must believe. Even if that instruction didn't come directly from their own parents, and wasn't necessarily acted upon immediately. The seed was planted.

As Irish Rain said in this thread some time back, this is eerily reminiscent of the movie The Village - which I checked out again recently (very good movie).

Christian apologists often try to make out that non-believers have their own set of a priori assumptions (this seems to be a favourite tactic of the righteous, the "no, YOU DO" approach). In fact, we don't.

Since you like personal testimony, I'll give you a piece of my own. When I first began to see that Christianity required me to believe things that I either found completely incredible or distasteful in the extreme, I struggled with that for a long time. That's what a lifetime of indoctrination will do. Eventually, I got to the point where I was able to say "what if it were possible that this story isn't true? What if there were no gods?". Note, this is not saying "there isn't a God". It is simply allowing the possibility. And once a person gets to that point, it's my opinion that in the vast majority of cases, the whole castle comes crashing down. That's when they start to accept that there are other, rational, explanations for things besides "God did it" and "God wants it". This is far from an a priori assertion. It becomes an evidence-based understanding of reality.

Here endeth the lesson.

CD Richards

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RE: Eclipses
Reply on September 20, 2017 06:58 PM
Oh, and I just wanted to say, I think Emma's last comment from her most recent post should be made into a plaque, or something. It pretty much answers the most important questions there are - not the imaginary ones, but real life.

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because it tastes good.

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RE: Eclipses
Reply on September 21, 2017 02:08 AM << Modifed September 21 at 3:56AM >>
Why, thank you, CD, though I think it may have been a little harsher than I intended. Isn't this whole thing a 'circular argument', though? 'there is a god' - 'no there isn't', etc.

DJ talks of schools teaching only 'their god' of evolution. A form of indoctrination? Maybe, but isn't it true to say that (on both sides of the coin), one only sees something as 'indoctrination' if it isn't teaching to what one thinks. DJ, given his comments about 'Christian' schools kicking against all his said 'tyrannies', would simply prefer the indoctrination to be to his way of thinking, which is probably true of all of us.

Personally, when it comes to schools, like most Brits of a certain age, I've been there, with faith schools. Almost all rural primary (elementary) schools were church of England. Evolution wasn't really taught, if at all. God was a part of the system, we went to church with school, we had religious assembly every day and hymn practice on a Friday, we learnt next to nothing about other faiths, since, like most rural areas in England, the population was mainly white Anglo-Saxon. DJ would, I'm sure, have approved of the huge levels of god-ed in the early years of most people from my country. But what is that if not indoctrination?

Has not Christianity already HAD its time of being the main/only thing taught? Perhaps not in America, but America is not the whole world. Elsewhere, we've already been living under the thumb of Christianity telling us what to teach, what to do with our bodies, how to think. We know what it's like. What is that, if not control?

What is the difference, really, between people being dependent on the church, and people being dependent on the government? Would a national health service suit DJ better if it was mandated under the will of god by one of his agents? And, since DJ believes in that sort of thing, how does he know it wasn't? For, certainly, 65 years ago, when the NHS was first set up, my country was far deeper into its Christian indoctrination than it is today. No separation of Church and State, remember? Why assume it's control from a negative side?

I'll tell you why; because DJ doesn't think it is right. He doesn't agree with it, therefore it must be the work of some dark force (despite the fact that his manual clearly talks of helping the sick, the needy and the poor, which the national health service was set up to do, all those years ago). For us, who have grown up with an NHS, and understand it, and have never truly worked out the American resistance to it, its existence, far from being a thing of evil, was, to believers and non-believers alike, described as a 'godsend'. Ravaged by war, sickness and poverty were rife at the time, it was needed. I wonder how 'Christian' people thought the denouncers of the scheme were? Notably, the denouncers were wealthy individuals who saw their own control being lost, because a healthy population is a strong one, and a strong one is less inclined to sit back and accept the servitude of the times.

What is 'control'? It's a word bandied about a lot, and from where I'm standing, accusations of 'control' tend to come from those who aren't doing the controlling, yes? But they don't want less control, what they want is the 'control' to align more with their beliefs, correct? This is true of most people, whatever their beliefs, it's a human thing.

I come back to it all the time, and I say it again, it's all about perception. In my perception, National health is the most liberating thing my country has ever done for its people (partly because I know it's history, and why it is there, and what there was before it), because the ultimate control any government or church can have is to restrict access to basic healthcare to the poor, to keep them sick, living in the poverty that keeps them sick, thus weakening the masses. And, given how god-fearing the poor usually were, if I was them, I'd have seen an NHS doctor as an angel.

But you could say that's 'my' social indoctrination, based on where I live, etc. But then, telling somebody they've been duped into believing x,y,z about something, well, the obvious circular argument is, 'well YOU'VE been duped ...' etc, etc, and so it goes on. I think Americans have been conned for years over healthcare, with the wealthy elite quite keen to hang on to the notion that only THEY should have access to doctors, so let's make any form of collectively responsible system some commie plot.

Control is always where you look for it, and we can all find enough eminently educated people to back up our theories of where it comes from, but in the end, nobody really wants an end to 'control' per se, what they actually want is for the people IN control to be doing it according to beliefs and ideals which, broadly speaking, follow their own.

Then, of course, when that happens, a whole different set of people feel that they are being 'controlled' unfairly. Because the country isn't being run according to THEIR beliefs and values ... and so the circle continues.

CD Richards

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RE: Eclipses
Reply on September 21, 2017 07:41 AM
I'm sure you're aware, Emma, that circular reasoning is a specific logical fallacy in which A is claimed to prove B, and B proves A. It's closely related to the fallacy of begging the question.

A perfect example (taken from my previous post) is:

A. God exists because the Bible says so.

But why should we believe the Bible? Because

B. God wrote it.

When people in a debate just go around in circles ad infinitum (as is inevitably the case here), that's certainly annoying and boring (and I know I'm as guilty as anyone), but it's not the circular reasoning I was discussing.

One thing I find particularly frustrating when debating ideas with modern day Christians is that they inevitably take points which have been legitimately raised by their opponents, and simply reverse them, without any logical reason to do so. It's almost as if they lack the resources to come up with their own persuasive arguments.

As an example, how many times have you heard a Christian, in response to being chastised for reaching conclusions based on faith rather than evidence, utter the words "It takes a great deal more faith to be an atheist than a believer". This is clearly nonsense, and to me just proves they are clutching at straws.

I enjoy the cut and thrust of debate with people like Doug, and certainly bear him no ill will for having a different view - mistaken as it may be ;-)


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RE: Eclipses
Reply on September 21, 2017 10:10 AM << Modifed September 21 at 10:11AM >>
hm...something to think about.
man A...believes in nothing basically beyond what he can conquer understood complete. has no idea where he came from but for a couple aloof theories that take the straw man to oz missing Kansas forever. and looks forward to an afterlife of the worms crawl in the worms crawl out. hm...

lets take a look at man B....he believes what he sees....God everywhere.
from snowflakes, intricate and unique adrift in there nonchalant brief existence to the "in God we trust" stamped on every green back. He believes by faith and witness the Word of God absolute Truth. and knows he breathes for reason not accident, and that breath will be tried by fire, purified in light of the example, life, death and perfect Resurrection of the gift of God...Jesus Christ.and through Him all who chose faithfully to contend...try....then try again and again to follow Him. He or she are solders only sojourning here careful for their litter. making beds in heaven to sleep in.

wow....let me think about it...

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One man's take on life told thru humorous short stories from his childhood on into his mid-50's; from feeling like an outcast in school to being an adult. His intent: hope. Hope in that you shall see, no matter how rough life can seem -and is- at times, that you may be able to enjoy it. Each story will bring a laugh, a smile, a tear, a lesson.

The 23rd Annual Book Awards said:
"We Really Need To Laugh" shares “memories which will resonate with many readers. Overall a creative presentation of the author’s life given in a rather sing-song poetic story telling style; a pleasant read"

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A book by our own barbara.wilkey.

Paige Swanson inherits her aunt's mansion and moves to Savannah, Georgia. There she meets Cash Wilkins, the architect hired to restore the home to its full glory, and Bradley, the resident ghost - a Confederate soldier killed in the Battle of Chickamauga.

Locals believe Civil War treasure's hidden in the mansion. Paige's new home becomes a target for thieves. Both Cash and Bradley vie to protect her. Who will succeed? Will Paige find an even greater treasure; romance with Cash?

This novel weaves a tale of romance, history, and ghostly mystery that keeps readers enthralled from the first page to the last.

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Shadows of Substance
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