- That Same Julyby Tier V. King
July 1996 - Part three
That Same July by Tier V. King

Written by Tier KIng 12/15/2015
 Tragedy unfolded during tragedy and apparently,
it arrived yet derived from July.

That same July, of that same year,

when two of my sisters died,
were killed.

Their deaths filled our lives with chaos
and it stang 
like contractions of labor pain.
Our reaction
was like a dance in electric rain.

Gift wrapped in depression it gave birth
to mental 
This was no gentle situation for us as a family,
just more tragedy on top of tragedy
that was all so unwelcomed
so unexpected.

So...we rejected the psychosis diagnosis
but we protected it 
to feel better, to keep it together
and not to lose our minds too
even though she is
 not deceased,
Denise would never be the same.
This was just more pain, more blame
on that same July.

and now...

even when I hear the word July,
I only hear the LIE...
because she is disguised as one of the most beautiful things,
though not so.
Her innocence is gone
and she is the significance of terror.
Her error is that she is connected to this loss and tragedy forever

apparently this will never get better
because better has melted with my heart
in the heat of



Author Notes
For those of you who followed July 1996 and July 1996 - part two (At The Funeral) This would be considered the third part. It is a separate poem but a part of that whole tragedy.

This is also considered, by me, the third poem about Denise. It would be one of the three that I wrote. Some of you have read, "Why So Cruel" and "Schizophrenia" so this is the third one "That Same July." The author notes in the other poems will explain this poem also. (especially the notes in July 1996 - Part Two)

Thank you in advance for your review.


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