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A Different Storm by doggymad

Today is only the second day of the New Year and already had two storms in this little corner of Ireland. Storm Dylan got great media coverage but amounted to nothing more than a strong breeze. At about 6.00pm, Eleanor arrived in all her glory. Our already fragile fence swayed precariously, and, our dustbin merrily cavorted around the garden. Even Podge and Rodge were disconcerted by the ferocity of the gales.

There was however, one storm that we had a mere twelve hour warning for. As far as I know we were the only house to experience the havoc that resulted from what is now referred to as 'Storm Meabh'. This particular tornado is almost three years old and is our granddaughter.

To a casual observer, Meabh (pronounced Mave), is an angelic blonde and blue eyed toddler. To the initiated, she is a force to be reckoned with. This child moves faster than a gazelle escaping from a hungry lion. She can demolish food with the speed of a starving piranha, she fears nothing.

The little darling arrived here yesterday, an hour earlier than expected and threw the house into sheer chaos. Her first trick was to try and turn Podge and Rodge into ponies. Needless to say they were not impressed and retired under the table for their own safety.

In the absence of any canine amusement, Meabh made her way to the kitchen to investigate the contents of our cupboards. As I had only a few hours to organise the house, I had a supply of cleaning products under the sink and a collection of cold and flu remedies in one of the drawers. My already mediocre nerves were beginning to give way before her mother finally removed her from the danger zone.

I have often seen the warning on various goods advising us to 'keep away from children'. After yesterday's experiences, I am beginning to wonder whether it is a suggestion that we keep the product or the human away from them.


Author Notes
My granddaughter can be sweet and innocent but then there is the other side


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