- 2018, a New Yearby Sharon Meda
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New Year, New Me
2018, a New Year by Sharon Meda
New Year, New Me writing prompt entry

a big year, 2018
another year of change
hoping to be better
my life I'll rearrange

eat less, laugh more
finally start my book
take more vacations
my bucket list gets a look

January is the month
for making the big plans
February, off and running
mid month; the truth lands
old ruts calling me back
old habits pull me in
by March I'm too busy
to look at my list again

but this year will be different
for sure this is the one
I'll change my ways and prosper
and if not, it's all been fun

Writing Prompt
2018 means a new start to all people; perhaps you can buy that car you have always wanted, or get a new haircut. For this prompt, write a poem about what you are going to change for this new year


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