- Cacophany to Symphonyby Sharon Meda
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A Cacophany poem
Cacophany to Symphony by Sharon Meda
    Cacophony Poem Contest Winner 

I leave the cacophony of the angry city
Where the blasting of car horns
And the screeching of tires
Are drowned out by a siren scream
Truck engines rumbling through noisy streets
Topped by jets roaring overhead

Happily replaced by a waterfall splashing
Birds chirping and a chipmunk's chattering scold
The rustle of leaves in the sighing wind
Is accompanied by the eerie call of a loon
Overhead a flock of honking geese join in
A symphony of nature's orchestrated peace

Writing Prompt
Write a Cacophony poem of between four and 12 lines. This type of poetry uses harsh, discordant, and jarring words, to make the reader imagine noise. Any subject, but keep it clean.
Cacophony Poem
Contest Winner



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