- Betrayedby Rodubya
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required words: silly rotten heart miserable scream drink
Betrayed by Rodubya
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Please, won't you try to find it in your heart to forgive me?

I know it was a rotten thing to do, but it meant nothing, I mean it meant nothing to me. It was all so silly, I know that now.

Maybe it was the drink, I don't know, but suddenly, sitting there on the couch I felt the urge to run my fingers down the back of his neck, and then you sauntered in. You froze. I froze.

I jerked my hand away, realizing what I had done. I stifled a scream knowing I had broken a sacred vow, and now I'm so insufferably miserable.

I don't expect you to say anything, I know it's not in your nature, but can't you please try to forgive me? Please show me somehow you still love me.

I'll do anything you want. I'll prepare all your meals from scratch and never, ever open another can. You can hunt all you want forever, be it birds, mice or whatever, and you can bring them right in the house. Anything you want. Please tell me we're okay.


Writing Prompt
Write a story but use the following words: silly, rotten, heart, miserable, scream, drink. Words may be used in different formats (for example: drink, drinking, drank)
Use These Words
Contest Winner

Author Notes
A little fun with using required words in a story.


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