- The Deer Huntby Wetbelly01
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My actual first Deer hunting experience
The Deer Hunt by Wetbelly01
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After I got out of the Army, I went and visited some of my relatives in East Texas.

I'd shown up just in time for Deer season.
So me and a couple of my cousins headed out to get some deer!

What they did was send me up a tree where there was a piece of plywood nailed to a branch.
They then spread a bunch of acorns around the base of said tree (deer don't look up).
Then they went on their way to their deer stands.

So there I was sitting up in a tree with a shotgun, waiting for some deer to come along.
Two hours later, I still hadn't seen any deer.

But, a squirrel showed up on the same branch I was on and commenced to cuss
me out for being on its branch!

This went on for about fifteen or twenty minutes.
The squirrel finally decided that I wasn't going to leave... So it left.

About that time my cousins showed back up.
"Why didn't you shoot them deer?" One of them asked.
"What deer?" I asked.

When I climbed down off my perch, I saw deer tracks all over the place!
And the acorns were all gone as well!

I hadn't seen any of them, being distracted by that squirrel.
And I didn't even get the squirrel!

Needless to say, I didn't live that one down for quite awhile!

Author Notes
So much for my deer hunting experience...... Not impressive!


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