- The Peaky Blinders!by Dolly'sPoems
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A ruthless family from Small Heath
The Peaky Blinders! by Dolly'sPoems

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
The Peaky Blinders!

The Brummie gangs with wicked plans,
Use razors, knives and guns;
Controlled the crooks and betting books,
And prostitution huns.

Illegal deals and poker steals,
These are the peaky blinders;
The Russian mobs and southern dogs,
And spies with ruthless minders.

The Shelby rule with shifty drool,
Hard and cold and mean;
Never cross the Brummie bros,
They keep a sharp knife keen.

They'll seek you out and dish their clout,
Put Small Heath on the map;
Don't mess with them, they're evil men
With razors in peaked cap.

Reds will die on Tokyo high,
They dodge the hangman's noose;
Heads will drown as some go down,
Their morals can be loose.

But blood is thick and close they stick,
Together in the affray
So watch your back, they may attack
Shelby's are here to stay.


Author Notes
This poem is about the Peaky Blinders, a story about a mob of hard men during the late 19th and early 20th century who controlled the betting shops, women and gangs. They were ruthless and fought with the southerners and the law and ruled by the gun, knife and razor blades. An underworld of treachery and killing. Watch it as you will hear the brummie accent and feel the cold harsh rule of the Shelbys. A bit of inner city English culture at work here!

The name The Peaky Blinders is so called because they would keep razor blades in their caps and when the caps were thrown at their enemies, the razors would reportedly blind them! Very nasty!

Birmingham is my home town, they breed them tough but IĆ¢??m pleased to say the streets are safer nowadays.

Tokyo high - cocaine
Small Heath - a suburb of Birmingham
Southern Dogs - The London gangs
Reds - Russians


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