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A missing child.
Madeleine by Dolly'sPoems


She wasn't bold, she never told,
A secret she did keep;
Deceit and lies, only the flies
Were privy to the meet.

Now did she stray away that day?
Was she taken from her bed?
A girl of three had nobody,
Could she now be dead?

The key to this great mystery,
Could lie within the minds;
Of those who saw and dodged the law,
To hide their heinous crimes.

Deep inside those sad cold eyes,
Purgatory awaits their soul;
For taking life and causing strife,
The little girl they stole.

Her spirit's there, she floats on air,
Her story lives forever;
In the trees, she's in the breeze,
Persistent her endeavour.

The truth will sound, she will be found,
Life always leaves its stains;
She'll be set free with honesty,
Her memory still remains.


Author Notes
Madeleine was three years and on holiday with her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, and her two-year-old twin siblings in Portugal in 2007.

She was reported missing by her parents who insisted she was taken from her bed in the apartment where the children had been left. She has not been seen since. One day the truth will come out about her disappearance.

I have my own thoughts on the matter.


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