- All he did was stareby Misstrish7
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A poem of someone who has met a demon like man.
All he did was stare by Misstrish7
Halloween Poetry Contest contest entry

The night was dark,
His eyes glowed red,
And all he did was stare.

He made no sound,
He took no breath,
And all he did was stare.

The wind did blow,
He did not move,
And all he did was stare.

He did not blink,
He did not smile,
And all he did was stare.

The thunder crashed,
The man was gone,
The space he filled, desolate and bare.

The moon shown bright,
I was in a fright, and suddenly right there,

The man was back,
He grabbed my throat,
I fell, but he did not care.

He stalked away
into the night,
and all I did was stare.


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