- Bloody Woods by Rasmine
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Chapter 6 in Southington Stabber.
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: Bloody Woods by Rasmine
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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Thank you, my good friend, Dick Shia! This is the perfect photo!

Gene’s appointment had been canceled for the day.  They had tried to inform him, but they had already left home.  Gene ran outside trying to catch his sister before she pulled away, but he missed her.  Taking a deep breath, he sat down on the curb. 

Maybe I could practice being alone outside.  I never could do that before, but I really think I can finally take a walk.  He stood up, trying to remember Dr. Chris’s words. 

“Gene, you can do this without Patty.  Just believe in yourself.” 

He walked across the parking lot.  His sister probably went shopping so he had time.  Gulping in air, he forced the hyperventilation to stop.  He giggled as he stepped onto the sidewalk.  I can do it!  Dr. Chris was right, I don’t need Patty!

He walked slowly at first, glancing back at the clinic.  The park started at the end of the street.  I want to walk in the woods by myself!  He smiled and continued toward the park.  If I panic, I will try what Dr. Chris says’ and try to deal with it myself.  Won’t Patty be surprised?  He grinned as he entered the park and woods. 

The birds sang lightly, as squirrels busied themselves with nuts.  He walked on and then noticed movement.  There are people up ahead, maybe I should turn around.  No!  He put his hand on a tree and willed himself to breathe normally.  After a few minutes of panic crawling up his throat, he swallowed and relaxed.  The attack passed as he took his next step. 

He must have walked past the people because the next instant that he remembered was standing above a bloodied body.  The hyperventilation came in spurts, there were lights flashing before his eyes, and he felt light-headed.  He needed to get back.  Patty would be waiting.  Tears coursed down his cheeks as he knelt by the body. 

That was when he noticed that his blue tee shirt wasn’t so aqua colored anymore.  A bright splash of crimson stained it.  He noticed the knife.  Gene reached out, and noted his hands were blood colored.  Again, the lights came shooting in his vision and he put his hand out to stop himself from blacking out.  He heard someone coming through the woods.  Tears sprung to his eyes. 

“What the hell?”  His sister stood there.  

What was she doing here?  But she would know what to do.  He looked at her desperately. 

“Gene, what did you do?”  She glanced at the body of a man with black hair and then slowly at her brother. 

Oh, my god, I am the Southington Stabber!  He felt his eyes fill with tears. 
Patty considered Gene’s eyes.  They were large and full of innocence.  Perhaps he had just happened on the body, but he had the blood all over him.  They will think my brother is the killer.  I can’t let that happen.  He looked so small and helpless…  She smiled. 

“It will be okay.”  More than okay.

“Patty, I…I won’t do it again.”

“It’s okay, we need to get rid of the evidence.” 
As she walked to the car, she gave thanks that no one was around.  She pulled the duffel bag to her, and then noted two people were coming in her direction.  Stay with the body, Gene, please!  They walked by without a notice of her.  She sighed, grabbed the duffel bag, and headed back to the woods. 

When she got back to Gene, she looked frantically around.  No one was there.  She sighed again and went to work.  Unzipping the bag, she pulled out a huge green blanket.  She spread it over the body. 

“Help me, Gene, throw leaves over the blanket.  We will come here tonight to get the body.”

Gene helped her without a word.  First, she had him clean his hands on an old rag that she had.  After about fifteen minutes, they were done. 

Patty stood back and surveyed the scene.  “Okay, come on.”  She looked all around no one was there.  Thank god!  “Let’s go, Gene, we will come back around twelve or so tonight.”

“I don’t…I hope…maybe I didn’t do it?”

“Let’s go.  Now!”  She walked over and put a finger under his chin.  “Don’t say a word about this to anyone, not even Dr. Chris, okay?”

He nodded his compliance and took her jacket.  He put it on then swallowed.  "Okay, I'm ready," he said in a small voice.

They quietly walked away. 

Author Notes
Prologue: Patty is 12 and watching her younger disabled brother, Eugene. She wants to play but needs to take care of him. He falls from a tree, as she smiles.
Chapter 1: Gene and Patty are now adults. She still cares for him because she promised her dying mother.
Chapter 2: Pat wants to know why Gene is interested in the 'Southington Stabber'.
We get a glimpse into his thoughts.
Chapter 3: Pat wakes up in a panic. She takes the car and picks up a stranger in the city.
Chapter 4: Gene makes a pancake breakfast on his own. Pat is impressed.
Chapter 5: Pat drives Gene to see his therapist.


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