- the curmudgeon Eugeneby gene roush
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the curmudgeon Eugene by gene roush
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There was a curmudgeon that lived near the sea
It was the oddest of places for a curmudgeon to be.
With days of sun and nights of moon,
Waters that shimmered midnight and noon.

Still, a more sour puss had never been seen
Than the wrinkled old puss of the curmudgeon, Eugene
Seeing only the clouds that hung in the distance
He whined and complained with incessant insistence

From his roof top he warned each day and each night.
"Beware of your blessing! Prepare for your plight!"
But one red summer's eve an angel knocked at his door
She fumbled and stumbled and fell to the floor

Unsure of her footing unaware of her wings
Apologizing to him for delight-filled things.
He instantly smiled with no care of tomorrow
He swam in joy, floating over each sorrow.

She looked at his house so charming but cluttered
"Where do I begin with this curmudgeon?" she muttered.
So she swept all the cheese from under the rug,
Chased out the mouse, cockroach, and bug

She polished his silver, laundered his bedding
Sewed on new patches with colorful threading.
The curmudgeon for his part toiled as well
He showered and shaved to alter his smell

He steadied her knees with a hand on her hip
Taught her to pretzel, guided her dip.
He lifted her above the clouds of his sky
She spread out her wings. She learned how to fly.

But then she performed the most marvelous feat.
She tugged at his hand, he joined in the treat.
Now here lies a lesson for all you to read
Open your eyes let your heart take heed

When your sky is cloudy and feet are trudgin'
Open your heart, you little curmudgeon.


Author Notes
I NEED AN ARTIST My brother began the artwork but recently passed before he could finish his work. The sketch I posted is from page four of fourteen. I'd like to stay with his concept of simple water colored sketches. If you are or know of an interested artist let me know. I want to support our group. Thanks Gene


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