- Believe or Don'tby foxangie123
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Believe or Don't by foxangie123
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Don't need what another thinks beautiful,
can see that genuine,
no fake pendulums,
just every bit surrounding a world truthful;
Life will meet eternity,
not a one left behind,
if your ears can't listen,
let sight be your guide;

Believe it or don't,
it's a big chance if one won't,
two gates as you'll enter one,
will it be golden or satanically run;

George Washington walked the land,
Jesus did as well while reaching out His Hands,
He as well left documents so life can,
begin living when you pass, it's your choice,
isn't a demand,
option yours so hopefully you have a plan.

Believe so we can hang,
by The Tree of Life where new songs are sang,
writing poetry perfectly without the pouring rain,
can't make you,
go to the gold or hang down low untrained,
burnt up by the hot flames.



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