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A Woman's place is in the home
The Natural Nature of Man by seewhatimwritingnow
Satirical Essay contest entry

It has long been known by men and women alike, that men are just not wired to be monogamous. Their nature, backed up with a seemingly ageless abundance of testosterone, just naturally keeps their lustful eyes and thoughts wandering.
Much like a wild animal, they can be conditioned and trained to stay put, but that wildness just never goes away. Just like the animal trainer who will stick his head in the lion's mouth. The lion will not bite his head off, but damn, he sure does want to!
Unfortunately a woman who finds that her man has strayed, becomes extremely upset, thinking that she had him trained. She will also accuse him of not loving her, which is ridiculous.  Just because you love banana pudding, doesn't mean you'll never again want to taste a little cherry pie.
A good man will take his place as the King of his Castle and wear the pants, so to speak, providing for his family. But please understand that good man does not necessarily mean faithful man.
Men have wandering eyes, always have, always will. They will seek out other women, as that is their nature. They aren't cheating, they are only being true to their nature. This is something that women have a very hard time understanding, as the woman's nature tells her that she should care for the home, bare the children, and be monogamous to her mate. A good wife will be completely submissive to her mate as well as understanding. She is the weaker sex, thus the tears, jealousy, etc.
Where's the fairness in that, you may ask?  Nature does not take fairness into consideration when creating the man and the woman.  A man at seventy-five years of age may well continue to father children. A woman of seventy-five has put her child producing days long behind her and has little (if any) desire for sex. So why is her mate still pumping hormones and eyeing the pretty women? Fair?
A male is meant to prowl. A woman is meant to nest. Take it or leave it.

Only the 'weakest' of men will remain monogamous throughout the entire marriage- This would compare much to winning an endurance test. (Flagpole sitting- marathon dancing, etc.)
A woman should always allow her mate to prowl as he pleases. She should not question nor scold when her mate is suspected of, or found having extramarital relations with another.

A satisfied man is a happy man. A happy man is a good husband.
A woman's ultimate goal in life should be to make her husband happy. Period.
She should always look upon his admiration of other women much as she would his hobbies of collecting beautiful cars or coins. It doesn't mean he loves her any less because he has these outside interests. He only craves variety- which is the spice of life for the male. He is a natural born sportsman, and this chasing the skirt is one sport he loves!
Once the woman finally learns to accept her male as the male he is, along with all of his natural tendencies, the happier she will be. This will insure a better marriage, a happier family life and fewer divorces.  It's totally up to the woman to make a marriage work!
A woman often becomes irrational when she discovers that her mate has been with another woman. She feels that her heart has been broken. I have but this to say- Get over it! He came home didn't he?

Of course he lied to you! Would you have been happier if he'd told the truth? If he'd said, "Honey, I met this cute redhead today, built like everything, and I'm gonna try her out tonight. Wish me luck!"

Instead of, "Honey, I'll be working at the office late tonight. I'm so backlogged I'll never catch up. I'll just eat out."
Of course he lied! Not because he wants to lie to you, not because he doesn't love you , but because your natural jealousy made him do it. He's only doing what comes 'natural' to him. His lie is only to protect you,because he loves you!

Remember those wedding vows 'Love, honor and obey' are there only for the woman to promise, not the man. So ladies, obey your man, as he obeys his natural instincts!


Author Notes
Contest rules-
Take an idea that you consider to be ridiculously wrong. It may be immoral, outragious, or just plain stupid and ineffective. It may be, for example, an existing governmental policy, or it may be something you've completely made up. Write an essay taking the side opposite to your view.

You may use reverse psychology or otherwise write in such a way that no one in their right mind could think you are serious, but you must never explicitly state your true side:eg "Obviously, I'm being sarcastic" or "But of course, that would be rediculous"


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