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A reminder to take time to play.


by Tootie

Recess (noun) - A temporary withdrawal or cessation from the usual work or activity.

Remember how just the simple things could fascinate you when you were a kid? Like, for instance, ants crawling in and out of their anthills. Or a leaf floating slowly down a stream. It didn't take much to be entertained for hours. And if you were anything like I was, you could make up all sorts of stories in your head while continuing to be amazed at the beautiful world around you.
For me, those were back in the days when cartoons were only shown on Saturday mornings, kids had to play outside after school, and the only telephones available for use were corded and attached to a wall. Computers were huge contraptions and no household even considered having one, much less knew what one was. As for cell phones, I-Pads, Kindles and the like, well, they weren't even invented yet. Life seemed simpler all around then. And both kids and adults, with the lack of all of the modern technology available today, used their imaginations more--in a natural way.
I'd like to believe that in this modern world, that for more than a few minutes, people could withhold from having to punch in a text message, play video games (often violent), or spend time in front of the TV and/or computer for hours on end. That just by being in their natural surroundings, and rediscovering their great imaginations, they could be entertained--at least for a while.
So this is a reminder to all of you (and myself as well) to take a break sometimes to have some old-time fun.
Take out the seed from a whirlygig and place that whirlygig on your nose.
Don't forget to also whistle in an acorn cap.
If it snows anytime soon (like it is right now in NH), make a snow angel.
Dig happily in the garden this spring and be sure to get your hands (and all of the rest of you) dirty.
Take a leisurely walk for a change, not a power walk, to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sights along the way.
Listen to the birds sing and watch them build their nests.
Put those electronic contraptions down occasionally, and reward yourselves with a much needed recess--run, jump, skip, play--and let your imaginations run free!

Do you remember doing any of these fun things before? You know, you don't have to be a child to enjoy these simple things. You can play at any age. Go out there, have some fun, laugh and enjoy. Give yourself some recess time! Thank you VMarguarite for the awesome artwork.
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