Commentary and Philosophy Fiction posted January 22, 2018

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Lies Are Vile

Once a Cheat, Always a Cheat

by doggymad

To use a cliche, William was not the brightest kid in his class. He struggled to comprehend the basics of reading and writing and his mathematical ability was poor. What he did have however, was what we would call 'street smarts'

From his earliest days in school he learned to position himself beside the more academic students and copy their work. It was because of this sneaky side to his character that his teachers failed to realise that he was essentially a cheat. While the deceit would have been a cause for concern, his lack of education would have far worse consequences.

William with all his sneaky wiles eventually graduated with passable grades. He promptly inveigled his way into the Navy as a cadet. Once again his ability to dupe those in authority led to his rapid progression up the ranks. A mere two years later, he held the rank of lieutenant and was commanding his own ship.

It was on board this ship that people finally began to see through his lies. There were certain things that he claimed to be true that didn't add up. His ship mates were from naval families and could trace their lineage back for at least three generations.

William constantly boasted about the various commendations his ancestors had been graced with, but they didn't ring true. Eventually, some enquiries were made, and it transpired that his ancestors were not listed in records, despite his statements to the contrary.

One by one, his crew withdrew their support, until he was left totally alone. It would be only a short time before his dishonesty would be revealed to all. In a last ditch effort to avoid being exposed, William began to offer cash inducements to those under his command in order to bring them on side.

It was in December of 1978 that his lies finally caught up with him. A certain Captain Blake arrived at the naval base for commemoration ceremony for Commodore John Barry. The captain expressed an interest in William and his rapid career rise. By the end of the meal, Blake realised that the lieutenant was a fraud.

All it took was a few phone calls to reveal the truth. William, who was incidentally an admirable staff member, was nothing more than a cheat and a liar. Two weeks later, William received a letter in the post informing him that he was to be relieved of his duties. It made no difference that he was a highly efficient member of the force, his lack of honesty rendered him incapable of serving in a career that required total trust from all the men that depended on each other for their very survival.


No comment apart from saying that we encounter cheats everywhere
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