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Yul and Jessica have a picnic in the park and a lesson

A chapter in the book Want and Resent: Plunge

Another Spring Day

by AshelinaB

Last chapter: Yul arrives to take Jessica out for a picnic in the park, bringing with him lunch, promises, and gifts.

YulSic eat relatively quickly but then take the time to people-watch and cloud-gaze as well. Both wordlessly pay particular attention to the mothers holding babies and being crawled all over on by them.

Jessica soaks in the mild sun rays with bliss, relishing a sensation that she didn’t even know her skin had been missing. “Hey, Yul,” she says without even realizing that she’s speaking aloud this time.

“Yeah, Baby?” he asks back tranquilly.

“...Will you tell me what happened that night I, well, fell apart? I can’t remember it all; the, the part with you and Yoona a-at all.” As much as Jessica wants to be happy, she cannot do so with certain worries plaguing her. I know Bunny said that I kept it together until after they left, but she also left out a lot of stuff. If I hurt them too... Her words pick up speed. “Please tell me what I did. I-I hurt you or Yoona in some way, didn’t I? S-said something? I know I did to Krys and ’Bro...”

Yul exhales slowly and deeply. “No. If- I hope you understand, but if you had done something to Yoongie- No. I wouldn’t be here. ...You don’t have to worry about that.”

Though his words and tone cut her to some extent, she rejoices at them.“I am so glad to hear that.” Pressing her face to the side of his neck, she snuggles closer to him. Now she can breathe again, and now she can remember how truly wonderful he is.

He can feel how her lips smile but can hardly believe it. “You are? Really?”

“Yes, of course,” she says with more surety than she’s said almost anything lately. “You are Yoona’s father first and foremost. If I or anyone else ever mistreated her and you kept us around and even let us continue to interact with her... No,” she copies his way of expression, even shuddering as well.

Yul’s chest starts spasming. 

“Wh-what?” Tension rekindles and builds between her shoulder blades. “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t meant to doubt you! I-I didn’t even think of that!... I-I just-”

His trembling lips brush across her forehead and hair as he pulls his love more on top of himself and holds her close. “You. You are such a blessing to me, me and Yoongie. Her... mother never put her first. Would never, even when- And you do it so effortlessly. ...You will never know how much that means to me.”

She only cuddles closer to him as another smile blooms across her face and a few happy tears leak from her eyes as well. “I just love you both a lot; that’s all,” the blonde whispers into his skin a while later.

His heart throbs harder with delighted amazement and sincerity when he says, “I believe you.”

The woman giggles after another moment. “Aaaand?”

“A-and?” he asks in distracted confusion.

“Aw! Mrow? Yul no love me too?” JessiCat teases him.

“Oh! No! I really, really love you!” The man’s arms squeeze her so close as if to crush her. Rubbing his face to hers before she can do it, he adds, “Sorry I’m so dumb sometimes; I love my kitty!”

She presses upon him without words or movement, hoping that she doesn’t have to ask first again. Then she remembers his pledge. Awkwardness tightens every one of her muscles before her throat finally voices, “Could I maybe more than your kitty?”

“Yeah!” He sits up suddenly in enthusiasm. His hand rubs the back of his neck when his mouth falters as well. “You’re asking what I think you’re asking, right? With, um, without any pressure from me?”

Jessica giggles with a wide grin. “Of course I am! ...So?”

Blushing but sure, Yul asks, “Will you go out with me? Be my girlfriend?”

“Okay!” comes the excited answer.


“But?” Jessica tilts her head to the side, her big eyes peering into his curiously.

Yul tries to not look at her and not break eye contact. “But I hope you know that if Yoongie is against it in any way, then we can’t continue romantically. I’ll still be your friend, if you let me, and do all I can to help you, but-” 

His lips get cut off by hers before she breaks into giggles yet again. “Ooh, you know what I like! Talk fatherly to me, Baby,” she jokes.

“Okay!” He spasms with laughter again, relieved. “Every morning, I brush and style my baby’s hair. I learned how to do it long ago and got really good at it. I can do all sorts of braids and stuff now! And whenever she gets in the mood, which isn’t very often but often enough, we have princess parties. There isn’t one Disney song that I don’t know all the words to. ...And.” A slight blush tinges his face. “I have pink polish and sparkles on my toes now.”

“Ooh, Baby!” She laughs even harder. “Lemme see!” Opposite of how he put her shoes on her with tenderness, she rips his and his socks off with abandon. Jessica falls over laughing when she finds that he was being truthful with her. “That’s what I like to see! Mm-mm!” she even imitates Sunny.

“Oh yeah?” Yul rolls partly on top of her to kiss her. “Well, what if I told you that each night, I help her brush her little teeth and read bedtime stories to her too?”

“Woo!” His love fans herself with one hand.

Ohhh yeah!” he drawls the vowel sounds, like he’s being macho and seducing her. “I’m a great story-reader! I do all the voices.” Like Phil imitating Zeus in Disney’s Hercules, he says, “Once upon a time!”

“Stop!” Jessica laughs too hard. “You’re killing me here!” She doesn’t make it clear if it’s from the giggles or inciting her passions too much, though the answer is pretty obvious.

“I love you.” With a last kiss, he rolls off of her so that they can lay side by side again.

“Mm, me too. ...So, lessons next time then?”

“Oh my gosh! Let’s go!” The man jumps up again. When he runs to his car the second time, it’s his own shoes that he forgets, along with the whole picnic basket, blanket, and Jessica herself.

His love only laughs more as she kneels up to gather everything. 

His mild embarrassment fades at being treated the unbroken sound of her merriment for so long; he helps her pack everything away gladly.



“Okay!” Yul tells Jessica brightly in one of the gym’s empty group class rooms. “First thing’s first: In any dangerous situation where you have the opportunity to run, just run. There’s no need for self-defense moves if the guy can’t get close enough to fight you, right?”

The blonde bites her lip. “But I’m not good at running, remember? I don’t like it. ...He’d catch me,” she says very quietly.

“We can work on that!” Yul cheers without concern. “I’m great at running and love it! Maybe you can learn to like it too!” At her lingering uncertainty, he cups her cheeks, rubs them with the side of his thumbs, and lifts her chin. “You don’t need to run far either. Just a little burst of speed to get to where other people are. Bad guys hate crowds. And you can yell too. They really hate an audience. ...Don’t worry so much, okay?”

However faintly, she starts to smile. “O-okay.”

“Great.” The man uses a soft kiss further reassure her. “And besides! You got that!” He points out her ring enthusiastically. “It’s really called a self-defense statement ring! Watch this! Walk around here a little.” 

Jessica follows the encouragement of his hands on her shoulders and ambles away from him despite her bewilderment. Her eyes snap up and train on the mirror to keep him in her sights. 

“Perfect! Okay, I’m the big, ugly robber!” Yul hunches his shoulders up to his ears while curving his back. His hands wring a few times before they twiddle a nonexistent mustache. “Ooh! Little lady to take stuff from! Yeeees!” Ridiculous chortles tumble from his mouth while Jessica breathes in relief and tries not to giggle. He sneaks up on her exaggeratedly, taking big, goofy steps. “Pssst!” he says out of the side of his mouth. “Keep walking but flaunt that ring like a newly engaged woman. There you go. ...Ooh, yeeees, little lady! Here I come!” 

Stopping short, he gasps sharply as his jaw drops and his eyes bug out. “What’s that?” he cries, pointing at her finger. “Nooo!” Running away with his hands up in the air trailing behind him, he retreats to the other side of the room and crouches down there. “No, no, no,” he mutters to himself like he’s Gollum from Lord of the Rings. “Big Ugly wait for next lady. Yeeees! Then Big Ugly shall have lots of stuff! Big Ugly like stuff!” Frowning, he shakes his head. “But not pointy ring. No, no. No like scary ring.”

“You are such a dork.” Jessica crouches in front of him with a huge smile. “And I love that about you.” Her lips meet his before he can complain. “And I definitely believe that that’s how your read stories too. ...Woo!” She pretends to wipe away drool from her chin.

“Yay!” He jumps for joy. “...’K, ready for more?”


His eyes cloud briefly. “Alright, here’s where we get serious, okay? Please don’t get scared.”

His visible worry infects his girlfriend, but she swallows hard and nods without looking away from him. She rises to stand even slower than he does.

“Okay.” He nods as well. “So, this is really basic. Someone might do this.” Quickly but not roughly, he grabs her wrist. “The guy’ll want you to come with him somewhere or not go somewhere. What can you do?”

Enlarged amber eyes stare at his hand. “P-please let go,” the blonde whispers as she feebly tries to free herself.

“No, that’s not going to work. I’m a bad guy, re- O-oh! Okay!” Yul releases her arm instantly, wrapping her shaking form in a warm hug straight afterwards. “I’m sorry, Baby. I should have warned you first. A criminal wouldn’t of course, but we’re just practicing...”

Jessica holds onto him for a minute before she takes a shuddery breath. “I’m okay.”

“You sure?” he asks as he tilts her chin up to look her in the face. 

She avoids his eyes as she nods again. 

“I know! How about you be the bad guy this time?” His frail cheeriness tries to spread to her.

Smiling weakly, the blonde daintily takes hold of one of his wrists. “L-like this?” 

“Perfect, Darling.” He bypasses her mouth to kiss her temple. “Okay. So what most people do, is this,” he speaks over a physical demonstration. “They move their arm around mindlessly but all that does is give the attacker more chance to tighten their grip and use their other hand to strike us while we’re too busy focusing on our arm, right?”

Jessica nods, willing back the view of Tyler’s hand on her own wrist and the phantom pain of the usual slap across the face he gave her for resisting him.

“So what you want to do is break their grip as quickly as possible. You’ll want to align your thumb to place where their thumb and fingers meet since that’s the weakest part of their grip. Then pull your arm toward your own body sharply at the elbow because our biceps are stronger than our triceps and doing so can throw your attacker off balance too. ...Look at my arm and your hand. Which way should I try to pull?”

“Left,” she chokes out.

“Right! Oh, but your grip’s too strong for me to just moving my arm left. What should I have done before that?”

“T-turn your hand ...s-so that your your thumb lines up with mine.”

“Right!” Yul follows her directions. “Then what?”

“Pull your arm toward yourself, hard.”

“Well, let’s try that out. ...I’m free! Now what do I do?”


“Run! Aaaaaah!” Yul does his silly run to the door and then stops there. “Hey. I could get one of my coworkers so that you can just watch for now. It’s not a problem.”

It takes her a moment, but she finally decides against it. “I can do it.”

Her boyfriend makes it sort of a game from there, letting her grab his wrists and lightly catching hers too, both with opposite hands and different positioning, as if they’re playing “Pat-a-Cake.” When she starts to relax and smile again, he does too. Yul ends the lesson there since they stayed too long at the park, and he has to start working soon. 

The couple parts with a kiss outside of her apartment building and a promise to see each other by Thursday at the latest for her next lesson.

Then Jessica goes inside to Skype with her sister.

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