Supernatural Poetry posted December 31, 2017

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A story in a poem.

True Lovers ...

by Rasmine

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
He left the house at three
Oh, how I felt so sorry for me
He went to her
He wanted her fur!
I plan very carefully,
I would buy the gun gratefully.
With me, no one should mess
Or I’ll make their life less!
I had to wait three days
Finally, I held the weapon I crave
I’ll make that man cry,
Then I’ll make him die!
I went to his cheating whore
Oh yeah, he was there getting more,
I aimed the gun through the glass
And then I just let it blast. 
I watched him fall to the floor
Then the woman took off out the door
I turn and ran so fast; I did not want to stop
Though, I wasn’t running to get away from a cop.

I loved him and then I kill
Before I thought it would be a thrill
But I am crying and sad
I turn the gun and thought I must be mad
The trigger I started to pull slowly
To be stopped by no other than he
He was see-thru and foggy
I felt so scared, then felt groggy.
‘You killed me, Monique,
Why? Because of the girl in the boutique?
It was nothing but sex
And I thought I was your ex.’
“Larry, are you a ghost?
I don’t mean to boast,
But you look better dead,
You’re not balding on your head.’
“Yes, it’s me, but don’t be a fool
This death thing is rather cool.
If I’m not balding anymore
I wish we could make love on the floor.”

“I never did it with a dead man
I guess it would make my love span.
I could tell everyone what it is like.
You stick around, your better than coke spiked.”
“Okay, but will we marry?
Over the threshold, I’ll pretend carry.
We will live forever in a haunted house
And when you die, we will walk around quiet like a mouse.”
“I can die now, so we will be together.
We can go on and be happy forever. 
Stay with me and never leave
From this life, give me a reprieve.”
“Monique! Put down that gun,
I know being together here would be fun!
But live your life as well as you can,
Go and find yourself another man.”
“But Larry, I love you, not another,
You mean more to me than my brother. 
I don’t want to be alone,
And you, in death, will be forlorn.”

“It is not your time, I hear the police
If they come near you, I will give notice.
Oh, Monique, Monique, I also am in love,
My darling, I do want you to come above.” 
I aim the gun towards my head
“I do want to be with you, dead.”
I pull the trigger as a cop ran by.
And I heard him utter a single cry. 
Then I was in the mist and saw Larry
The one I killed; the one I wanted to marry. 
We ran into each other’s astral arms
then turned to walk into heaven’s farm. 

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