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A horror novella.

Tree Goddessess

by Rasmine

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
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Renaldo Vogue walked around the house aimlessly, an unlit cigarette protruding from his mouth. 

He could feel her!  He could almost see her … it was as if there were another world here, and he could slightly, minimally see it.  Glancing out the window, he heard the voice of the woods call to him. He knew it was his imagination, but was it? 

‘Renaldo, come to us, Linda is here and waiting…'

He put the cigarette in the trash.  He made a promise to Linda to quit before they were married – now he would keep that promise. 

He took off all his clothes and jumped into the shower, all thoughts of sleep quickly drowned away.  He started to whistle and got out.  Soon he was dry and dressed.  The bed was still soaked with sweat, so the hell with going back to bed.  Glancing at the clock, he saw he would have to get up anyhow, to work on the novel.   

Writing could wait, though.  He wanted, no he needed, to explore the woods right now.  It was getting light, so he headed for the door.  The coffee could also wait.

As he walked out of the door, he kept wondering why the woods were connected in his psyche to his dead girlfriend; if she really is dead.

Linda had disappeared last summer.  She went for a walk in the woods, at night, and it was the last time he saw her.  Her parents had her declared dead at the beginning of last winter.  It had been one of the worst Christmases ever. 

He entered the woods and started feeling sucked into them. 
The woman stared at the man walking towards her.  She lifted up her bare calloused feet one at a time while grasping a leaf and ripping it silently off the tree. Inhuman cries came from her as she nervously chewed on her lower lip. She knew this person, but running away may be better. 

I need to be quiet – he will discover me.

She pushed into an old elm tree and became one with the bark.  One being living – both her and the tree.
Renaldo walked the familiar path up the wall of trees.  He paused.  Did I just hear a wolf or something?  He glanced around and saw nothing. 

As he continued, the  branches seemed to move towards him and try to grasp him.  He thought back to the old druid legend that surrounded these woods.  He always thought it a bit silly, but what if they was true?

Are these trees grabbing at me?  Perhaps Linda is one with the trees?

Silly, but they had buried an empty coffin!  He didn’t want to believe that she could be dead; maybe she was still alive.

He thought back to the druid tale. 
Way back hundreds of years ago, there was a woman named Maple Farmer who owned the land that he lived on.  The Farmers were a druid clan that lived with a whole town of druids.  The Farmers were the original clan of the town and had their own brand of druidism.  The town didn’t take to the Farmers' way of doing things.  Maple was the leader of the whole clan. 

Elsie Dickinson, another townsperson, confronted Maple Farmer on the differing rituals. 
“Hey, Maple.  I hear ya’ folks are doing yer own rites.  Why ya' think yer better den us?”

Maple looked at her with scorn.  “Elsie, dear, of course we aren’t.  We just show devotion to the trees differently than you people.”

“Well maybe ya’ can show us.  People can make up der own minds rather to change or not.”

“Elsie, those are family secrets.  I can’t tell you that, sweetie.”

“But you the head of dah clan.”

Maple leaned closer to Elsie.  Her face held angry determination.  “Mind your own business, Elsie,” she whispered in a tightly wound voice dripping with threats.  Maple leaned away and flashed a fake smile.  “Have a great day, Elsie.  It was a pleasure to see you.”
Renaldo was told that Maple had performed some secret ritual with her family that caused Elsie Dickinson to lose her farm.  Also, one by one, over the next few years her six children succumbed to sicknesses or accidents.  It also was said that she had sacrificed her own family to be able to buy Elsie’s farm.  Renaldo walked on thinking of these old stories.  

He jumped at one point, and closed his eyes tightly.  Laying a shaky hand against a tree, he opened them. 

Three human forms in Victorian garb were hanging from a low-lying tree branch.  He sunk to his knees rubbing his eyes.  When he looked again, they were still there.  He slowly got to his feet. 

“What the hell?”  Renaldo walked with his mouth open to the tree.  He was shaking and tried to stop himself by wrapping his arms around himself.  It didn’t work.  He looked away from the gruesome scene, and when he looked back they were gone.  He sighed and squinted. 

A person was walking along the path.  He frowned as she neared.  She was naked and had wild hair sticking up all over.  Dirt encrusted her face and stuck in her smile lines making her look  like an ancient statue come to life, but it was his Linda, she was still alive like he knew all along. 

“Linda…" he whispered. 

He helplessly held his hands up as she walked up to him.  She entwined her fingers with his and smiled at him. 

“Renaldo… come with me.  She is hungry and needs to feed.  I also, need to feed.”

What the hell happened to her?  She's starving, of course, I'll cook something for her, or something...  I love her, and she is alive!

He walked with her through the tree brush.  Branches parted magically as they passed.  Renaldo felt slightly possessed.  He knew he would follow her wherever she led him. 

I have my Linda back! 

They walked up to a group of trees that swayed and seemed to walk.  Renaldo wiped his eyes, but the trees still moved slightly. 


“Come with me, Rennie.”

She walked up to the first tree and kept walking as he stood there.  Her body just merged into the tree trunk; there was no door.  He frowned. 

What the hell!  I can’t lose her again!

He jumped when a hand stuck out of the tree.  A small nervous laugh escaped his lips when he recognized the engagement ring he had given to Linda.  He backed slightly away. 

This is too bizarre!

The hand that belonged to Linda grasped his.  He was yanked into the tree.  He screamed as he vanished. 
Maple Farmer stood next to Elsie Dickinson, and Linda Breyer.  They all looked full and satisfied with blood dripping off their chins.  There was a table in front of them. 

Renaldo’s silent scream was seen on his dead face.  He had been gutted and eaten as he died. 

Horror Story Writing Contest contest entry

Thank you, catmal, for your artwork. :)
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Artwork by catmal at FanArtReview.com

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