Spiritual Poetry posted December 26, 2017

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A spiritual poem

Divine Love is for All!!

by Rasmine

It may not be now, it may not be then
but it will be, on that you can depend.
Twin soul love will be yours -- but more to learn.
God wants to be sure you are ready for your heart to burn

He or she doesn't want you to suffer and cry
at least forever, just to learn a lesson and then sigh.
Reincarnation is just a path to divine love.
It is for all, sooner or later it comes from above

Our paths will merge, love rules supreme,
it is the sugar in our coffee with yummy cream.
Larger than the universe, deeper than any sea,
Love waits for you, for your eyes to really see.

Awaken, spiritually; waits for all souls everywhere.
If you are suffering in this life, the next will be beyond compare,
God, angels, or just us patiently wait for you to be ready;
it doesn't matter what color, or if your name is Bill or Betty.

Loneliness is a lesson taught by karma.
It is based in Buddhism, but all face the dharma.
When it's time for twins to meet, loneliness will be gone.
All the pain, heartache, sins against you will be done.

Just wait, but it may be lifetimes away!
But it is worth it, and you will understand one day.
Please everyone, divine love is true,
and EVERYONE will get this due.

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Can you write a poem that cheers lonely hearts, soothes tired brains, inspires the soul. Any style, any length.

Thank you, Life is a dream, for your picture of Buddha.

These are my beliefs. Everyone one of us is worth millions, also, it is all life, not just human. No matter how lonely you feel, you are not alone, ever. God hears you; you may have to suffer but you must learn from it. We are all here to love each other, and to do this unconditionally.
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