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A story about a friendship between dogs

Everyone Has Someone

by Allie Ketelsen

Mighty Mountain
"Vroom!" That's all I heard as me and my pack drove up and up, and up and up. I didn't know where we were going. I wasn't tall enough to see out the car window. If only I were a Great Dane!
My name is Popcorn, but my pack calls me Pop for short. I'm a very small pug, the runt out of all nineteen of my brothers. My pack rescued me from the shelter when my eyes were still closed. I'm two now, but definitely still a puppy. Also, my family that rescued me, I call them my pack. It just sounds most natural.
"Hey Pop, you ready girl? We're almost there!" The one called Eleanor said. "Oh daddy can she please come up here and sit with us?" Patrick asked. "I'm sorry Pat, but you know the rule."
The tough thing about my pack is that the alphas (mom and dad) have a lot of strict rules for me.
Rules For Popcorn
-No sitting on the seats when in car
-No peeing or pooping in the house at all times
-No going outside without super vision
-Can only be fed twice a day
-A limit of 1 to 2 treats a day
-No chewing presents on Christmas
I'm still working on that last rule. But it's almost Christmas! And I just can't resist all the wrapping paper!
Right now, I know that my pack and I are going somewhere to celebrate Christmas. Oh, the presents to chew! But I don't know where the heck we're going! We just keep traveling up and up and up!
"Oh I can't wait to get to the Mighty Mountain Amusement Park!" I heard Pat say. "I can." Said Eleanor. "I hate all the scary roller coasters!" Pat frowned at this. "But that's the best part!" "Uh, no it's not. I'm only coming, to enjoy the view, and enter the writing contest. I'm going to write a story about our Christmas at Mighty Mountain, but from Pop's point of view!" Eleanor explained. "Ugh. Sounds boring" Pat stressed.
Well, there you have it. We're going to Mighty Mountain!

"Screech!" The car stopped in the parking lot of The Mighty Motel. We were three quarters up the mountain, and we would have to hike the rest of the way.
"Come on kids lets unpack the car!" Mom said. "We're here! We're here!" Pat and Eleanor shouted in unison.
My pack and I headed towards the hotel with our bags in tow.
" Come on Pop!" Pat said. "Oh Pat I'm sorry. But the motel doesn't allow pets inside. They have a kennel in the back where Pop can stay." Mom replied. "You guys head inside, I'll bring Pop to the kennel." Dad offered.
So, Mom, Pat, and Eleanor headed inside to check in with our luggage, and Dad took me back to the kennel.
It was dark and damp back there. Not exactly my idea of paradise, but it would have to do. There was about four or five other dogs back there, and one cat. It was hairless and pink and mean. I decided to try and avoid that cat as much as possible.
"Bye Pop, see you later." Dad said and he walked out of the kennel, closing the metal gate behind him.
The kennel was more like a largish, fenced in yard.
There was a very big (and old) tree that shaded most of the kennel. A family of squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and skunks lived in the tree.
There were five other dogs there: A Dalmatian, a Shi Tzu, a Golden Retriever, a Poodle, and a small Chihuahua who was hiding in the bushes.
I didn't know exactly what to do so I went to talk to the Dalmatian. He seemed friendly enough.
"Hello sir. Can you tell me a little bit about this place? I'm a newbie." I said. The Dalmatian gasped. "NO WAY!" and he... Oh wait, now I see. It was a girl. SHE stomped away. Well, so much for first impressions. I'll try the Shih Tzu next.
I walked up to the Shih Tzu who was taking a drink at a VERY small pond.
"Hello." I said purposely leaving out the word 'sir', just in case.
"Can you help me?" I asked. "Yes," The Shih Tzu responded. "Oh that's just wonderf~" But the Shih Tzu interrupted. "Let me finish." He said. "I can help you but the question is, will I? And the answer is no. Do you think I would help a dog that interrupted my drinking hour? No I wouldn't. So do you know what you should do? You should go and find someone else who will help you. Because nope I won't, good bye." Oh those darn talkative answer-their-own-questions-Shih Tzu. I thought.
"Hello little one." I said cautiously as I approached the Chihuahua that was hiding in the bushes. "Are you busy?" I asked carefully. The Chihuahua let out a little whimper. "Your so much bigger than me." She said.
Yeah, she said that. I'm a pug and the runt of my litter and she's half my size! I'm a teeny tiny pug and she's half my size!!!
And then she ran and hid in the bushes so I couldn't see her anymore.
"Ooookay." I said. "I'll go try the Poodle."
I walked over to a medium sized doghouse where a Poodle was sitting, gazing at a cracked mirror.
"Hello. Can you help me?" I asked. No response. "Um excuse me?" No response. "Hi, uh I'm Pop, what's your name?" No response.
I sighed and walked away.
The only chance of making a new friend was the Golden Retriever, and the cat. And no way am I talking to the cat. Plus the Golden Retriever is sleeping by the tree and I don't want to wake him (or her â?º) up from their nap.
"I see your having trouble making friends Pop." I heard a voice coming over by the tree. The Golden Retriever's eyes were still closed.
"Hello?" I said as I walked over near the big tree.
"Yup, I'm awake." She (as I found out to be so â?º) said. " I'm Goldie by the way." I could definitely tell why her owner(s) called her Goldie. She was VERY golden.
"You and your folks sure got here late didn't you?" Goldie said. "You can sleep over here by me, this is a nice soft patch of grass," She offered. "Okay sure." I said. I was so thankful for her kindness I couldn't speak much. "But don't be surprised if I wake you up at the moon's highest, I need to show you something important. But get some sleep, you'll need it for tonight." Goldie said.
"Humph." I complained as Goldie gently nudged me awake. "Come on It's time to get up Pop." She said. "But it's midnight." I said. "Exactly." She replied.
I followed Goldie to the edge of the fence. There was a tall log not to far away from the fence.
I watched amazed as Goldie ran and jumped onto the log, then used it as a boost and hopped over the fence.
She made it look so easy, so I decided to try it for myself.
I ran and tried to jump onto the log but I was too short! I ended up hitting the middle of the log face first, and then falling on my rump with a loud "Thump!"
How could I make it over the fence if I couldn't even make it onto the log?
"Oh Pop are you okay?!" Goldie asked concerned. "Yeah" I said as I stumbled over by her. Despite the fence between us, I could hear her heavy breathing. She must be tired from the jump.
"I wasn't going to tell you to do what I just did you know." Goldie said to me. "I kno- wait, you weren't?" I asked. "No way! You're too small. I was going to tell you to go through this hole in the fence right here." Goldie nodded to a small hole that was just my size. I wiggled through and Goldie greeted me with a nudge of affection.
I could already tell, that we were going to be friends.
Everyone Has Someone
"Thud, thud...thud, thud." That's the sound I heard as Goldie and I padded through the woods. Goldie's paws thudded a lot louder than mine, considering her size.
"We're almost there!" Goldie said excitedly. "I've never shown anyone this before!"
The two of us entered a large clearing. The snow was whiter here. The moon was brighter here. The stars were shinier here. Everything was better here.
Goldie and I were the only animals here. At least that was what I thought.
Suddenly I heard a rustle in the leaves of the trees. And then hundreds of different animals came out of the trees.
Opossums, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, owls, small cats and dogs, birds and many others of all sizes scrawled down the trunks. But Goldie was the biggest by far.
"What is this place?" I asked Goldie. "This is my home," she replied. "And those animals, those are my family."
There was snow everywhere. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
"Go ahead," Goldie said. "Take a look around."
I walked around the clearing. All my legs were covered in so much snow, that you couldn't even see them as I walked by.
I found a hole in a large pile of snow and I peeked in. There was a family of small puppies. Wrapped around them was a medium sized female Golden Retriever and a male yellow Labrador was sitting nearby. The female growled at me. I backed away quickly.
"Oh Giselle stop it!" Goldie scolded as she walked up beside me. "This is my friend Pop. Pop, this is my daughter Giselle, her mate Jorge, and their three puppies Cra-Cra, Jumpy, and Beatrix." She explained.
"Hi!" I said. "I'm so sorry!" Giselle exclaimed. "I didn't know if you were an intruder and I was only trying to protect my pups and~"
"It's OK." I interrupted. "It was nice to meet you Giselle, Jorge, Cra-Cra, Jumpy, and Beatrix. Good bye!" I said. "Good bye!" They all responded.
"Your family is very nice." I said to Goldie as we walked away. "Where's your mate?" I asked. "Um.......... His name was Freedom." She said. "Oh..." I said catching the word was in her sentence. "He was a wild dog that stumbled upon the kennel one day, and I fell in love. He named himself. And it was the perfect name too." Goldie explained. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I felt so free when I was with him." Her voice was quivering. "Who are they?" I asked trying to change the subject.
"That's Mr. and Mrs. Opper, the Opossums. With their joeys Walter, Peppa, Stan, Lori, and Ximena." Goldie said. "And there's Sally and Shawn the skunks with their kit Stinky. There's Squibble and Squinty the senior citizen squirrels. There's Caren and Tom the chipmunks and their pups Cory and Taren. There's Trash and Garbage the raccoons and their cubs Litter and Rubbish. There's Wise and Smart the owl senior citizens. There's Meany and Rude the cats and their kittens Disrespectful and SpoiledBrat. And There's Feather, Wing, Beak, and Flyer the parrot sisters. Everyone has someone," Goldie said, "Except me."
I watched Goldie with sad eyes as we lay down in the snow together. A single tear dropped from her eye and landed in the snow. I rested my head on Goldie's shoulder. I love Goldie. I'm so glad I met her. She's my best friend. And as a good friend, I wanted to make her feel better.
"That's not true." I said to her. "What?" She sniffed. "It's not true." I repeated. "You have me." She stared at me, more tears filling her eyes. But this time they were happy tears. "You're right." Goldie said. "I do have someone. Someone very special."

Christmas Story contest entry

Written by Allie Ketelsen, Age 10
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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