Supernatural Fiction posted December 17, 2017

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A short supernatural story.

The Sensing

by Rasmine

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

A tingling started to affect Nora Adams hand, then started to spread up her arm.  She tensed and looked around their new home.  Well not new, but new to them.

What was this?  Maybe I’m having a stroke or heart attack?  Oh geez, not now!  No, maybe it’s the ‘sensing’.  It starts this way, but I haven’t had a ‘sensing’ in over two years!  Thought it was gone. 

The cold feeling worked its way up her arm and into her chest.  It fingered its way into her abdomen and danced down her legs.  When it, finally, started to wrap around her neck, like a tightly-tied noose, she bolted from the room. 

Damn, Carl had signed the papers!  Now we have to stay!
Later, as they tried to watch television, Nora started to feel the tingling again.  Oh, no!

“Carl,” she got up quickly and walked to the door, “I’m going to bed.”  She walked from the room, shedding the ‘sensing’ as she crossed the threshold. 

Damn this ‘gift’, as Aunt Rachel called it.  Damn curse! 

She walked into her bedroom and without changing, crawled into bed.  Sleep evaded her, and her thoughts drifted into her aunt's words.
“Nora, honey, when you get the ‘sensing’, ask it what it wants.  Don’t run from it, and never, ever fear it.”
“Okay, okay, Aunt Rachel, I’ll try it,” she said aloud.  Maybe this will make it go away.

She sat and propped herself with pillows.  Clearing her throat, she began, “Okay, what do you want?”  Oh, Lord!

Suddenly, she was hit with a vision of a running woman.  A man ran behind the woman with a knife.  She dashed up the stairs as quickly as she could with the man right on her heels.  She ran down the hallway, into the last room on the right, and slammed the door.  Nora, now standing in her vision, watched the woman scoot under the bed.  The door flew open and the man, who looked violently angry with glowing red eyes, stomped in.  He bent to look under the bed and then reached under and yanked the screaming woman out by her hair.  Nora watched helplessly as he dropped the knife and started to strangle her.  He pushed down with all his might as she flailed and hit him in the face.  The woman died with eyes staring straight at Nora.  

Nora stared at him and watched his eyes return to normal.  He started to breathe quickly and shake the strangled woman.  She was dead, and he had killed her, but it wasn’t him. 
Nora raced down the stairs and tearfully told her husband about her vision.  She told him everything, after adamantly deciding to never reveal this oddity to anyone, especially her betrothed.  He listened with wide eyes, in astonishment, not disbelief. 

When a low moan was accompanied by screams, and then thuds echoed all around them, they both bolted for the door. 

Supernatural Flash Fiction writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
The character in your story is involved in some way with the supernatural.


Thank you, LorrainePurviance, for your awesome haunted house.

I just wrote this. If you find and SPAGS please let me know. Please, don't just say it's wonderful, unless it is, of course :P Most importantly, enjoy it!

It's 492 words.
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