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Experiencing A Very New Romance Built To Last Forever

51 Dates Of Loving All of You In Us

by essaywriter1

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Once upon a time there was a young girl by the name of Sophia Bridgewater. Growing up Sophia wished she could be like the women starring in all the romance movies that she would always see her mother watching. One night her mother stayed up late watching a deep romance about a lady whose lover left her, because of the war, and her husband gave his wife her last kiss. "Sophia"! No answers. No replies happen for a short moment. All of a sudden Sophia's mom shouts as loud as she can in the living room," GIVE ME THAT BACK!" Sophia responds in a sly slick way, just enough to piss her mom off but not enough in a quiet enough way."No!" Shouts Sophia. Sophia shouts a no to her mom Diane Bridgewater eagerly wanting to know about and of this love she saw her mom always watch on T.V.. Two love birds dating, but never had explained to her about it .So she never knew. Sophia speaking up finally spoke "Mom!" With a stern clenched fist at her sides. I want to know what this is about said Sophia. "Sophia!" Give me back that DAMN REMOTE CONTROL! NO!!! NO!!!! NO!!! Sophia pulls the remote out of her moms hands again. As she paused the movie with one click of the button if found on the remote. "Look and listen Sophia,We are not going through this tonight!" Diane sounded troubled as she spoke in truth! Sophia looks her mother dead in her eyes and smiles with laughter and tears. " Why are you crying Sophia?" I'm crying because id like to be like her when i grow up!" Mommy where does daddy live?" He's in heaven where he no longer has to struggle with anything. You see , listen to me Sophia. That man loved me well. I hope you also will. I mean what im saying to you is that God would take care of you and that you would rely on him no matter what, and for everything and all your needs! Yes! That you would listen to me and that you would be able to take care of yourself. Sophia's mom puts the remote back into the remote bin where it is suppose to go. She then walks down the hall, and takes a left to her room. Diane pops in an old VHS after she tucks Sophia into her bed. Goodnight i love you kisses MUAH! They both kiss the tips of there hands, and blows kisses back to one another. Sophia loves her mom so much she turned her night light off. As she closed her eyes and tried to dream. Meanwhile Ms. Bridgewater ran up to her room and popped in an old VHS romance that lasted 25 years ago when Diane was married to Bob Bridgewater. The video that they both were watching was of Bob and Diane skydiving and kissing one another before they take there leap of love together. Time rolled by and sooner than you could believe it was time for Sophia's sweet sixteen Birthday.This is when 0 shifts all the way to 1,000,000 The story gets better as this guy all of a sudden shows up in Sophia's life . Only what all the girls have said that Austin is the hottest guy in town. Since Sophia's mother died which has been what seemed to be was the highlight of Sophia's life. She'd taught Sophia some valuable things. She always write in two diaries her mom and grandma gave her. Sophia always thought it was grand what her mother Diane shared with her about dating other guys or men, which Sophia back wasn't nearly ready for it in any kind of way, and by now was the worst time it seemed. Her mother just died! but you never know? You never know what your heart says or what it feels inside it? Writing back in her journal : July,29,2017 i went on my first date with Austin Franks. I'm sure there will be a whole lot more of these. Soon after Sophia's mom had passed it seemed Sophia felt in her heart all she had to rely on was Austin to take care of her for the rest of her life. Knock!! Knock!! and ding! ding! dong!! Hello? Sophia Are you there?? Yes babe is this Austin?? Austin Franks? yes is this my beautiful future wife and woman forever Sophia? Yes! Austin was in love with Sophia like no other man could touch her . So attached. I t was like one of those summer loves for them both ! Especially Austin! Date #1 was at the diner. They had to leave on their own in Austin's yellow truck because trying to eat at Raelynn's Diner with intimacy got them kicked out for attempting to have sex in the far back corner booth. They were really in love that night and it was only night one! Honestly they kept dating and had quite a intimate love and shared similar interests he knew he loved her with all his heart and she knew he was the one for her and that he would be a good father in the future to there children. Part of the conversation when making there way back at the Raelynn's diner was having kids and the both of them supporting there children Austin wanted to as much as Sophia. Anyways after all the dates they's been on it ends when the last date they went on they promised to hold one another as tight as they could so when they died they weren't far apart. They shared one last kiss and knew were they were going. Happily ever after!!!!!

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51 Dates of Loving All of You In Us is about a little sweet girl named Sophia Bridgewater who envisions being in love deeply as her mom has spent many days watching it on television. Sophia as a little girl desires and almost acts like this is a complete dream that is yet to come true. She gets older and when she finally turns 16 a guy named Austin shows up in her life where she goes on 51 fun extreme name dates and the last date ends up them both (Sophia and Austin ) dieing which marks their last date led on side by side to eternity into forever.
1. Raelynn's diner rink
3.roller rink
4.The dinner train
5. The drive in movies
6.The bowling alley
7.The golf course
8.School of the gifted the tours hall
11.line dancing
16.trip to bahamas
20.Red lobster dinner date
22. Coney island hot dog stand
23.Water park
24. Carnival
25. painting
28.Parachuting diving of flight
31. Art museum
32. politic party
33.pool party booth
35.wrestling match concert
37.Happy days restaurant
38.Writers center
39.Horseback riding
40. Riding in his yellow truck
41.Car wash date
42.board game date
43.riding bicycles
44.paddle boarding
46.hiking date
48.rap concert
49.rock concert concert
51. last date spent together both souls rest in eternity together forever!!!!
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