Letters and Diary Poetry posted November 10, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
precious answer to my prayers

Joyous Memories

by Ronni

I remember
warm, wiggly miniature fingers
pressed daintily upon my face
anxiously awaited months
a precious answer to my prayers

a wry little grin, squinting at me
multiplied later by a second one born
Divine's gift so overwhelming
gratitude tears welled so often within

two sets of smiling, blinking, twinkling eyes
mirthful gurgles, coo's and squiggles
irrepressibly lighting up my new world
even when things grew grave or uncertain

wobbly little legs so persistently
wobbling around; a surprise curiosity
fortuitously softened by a round bottom
that mercifully cushioned the sudden fall

babbles, giggles, tickles and screeches
heard in most every room any hour
sentimental, unforgettable sounds
only sweet, delicate childhood brings
that makes a house a joyous home

cookie crumbs galore, crayon on walls
milk, juice spot trickles here and there
missing shoes, socks and britches
yet, irrepressible love, always so gladly
excusing the growing time trespasses

appetite fusses and pouts In high chair
impatient tantrums in tub and potty room
toys carelessly strewn everywhere not meant to be
still, hugs, eager kisses eagerly, sweetly shared
pardoned tidiness rules and scolds many a time

car keys in the fish bowl, gummies in hair
odd objects, strange critters in the dryer
fretted naps and stubborn bedtime routines
still these frets and innocuous battles
so happily I survived with many a sigh

they grew up so fast, oh much too fast
into warm, witty, wonderful young men
heeded the call to serve, a duty to perform
off to war in far off land even sooner than set
barely a blush away from awkward teens
a few shadow whiskers shy of yet being full men
they didn't get to say all the immortal things
a mother silently waits for and longs to hear

now in Divine's Loving Care. safely at rest
no worry left if or when they may come home
wells of tears, silent, stifled prayers have not
answered why their lives were so short lived
nor why thousands other young boys were too

I know there are countless mothers who've lost
as much as I have, if not even far more
no longer question the Almighty in vain
as to 'why' mine were amongst them too
I only know, in a mother's heart and love
there are no tombstones and no child
is ever truly gone...or alone....

This is an inspiration and post inspired from the phenomenal story, "Empty Cradle"
by Ideasaregems-Dawn in her current novel on loss of a child in incredulous tragedy.
THANK YOU DAWN...beyond words...yet can readily understand,
Blessings, gratitude always Ronni

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