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A woman gets revenge on a man who abused her friend


by AshelinaB

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

Taeyeon awakens to soft sniffling beside her. “Fany-yah?” she murmurs right away.

Tiffany goes quiet, turning over and hugging the smaller woman tightly before pressing her face to Taeyeon’s inner shoulder as she shakes badly.

“Jagiya, what’s wrong?” the blonde asks worriedly as she holds Tiffany and strokes her hair.

Haunted, Tiffany whispers, “TaeTae, what have I done? I went too far! Everything got away from me! I did drink too much! You know how long it’s been since- I didn’t think of that- I just...”

The older woman closes her eyes though there is nothing to see. She swallows hard too. “Fany-yah, ssh. Ssh... It’s over.”


At a club, Taeyeon and Tiffany dance and drink some of the night away until a certain someone walks onto the scene. 

He comes straight to the vibrant redhead as she dances alone and provocatively on the fringe of the club-goers. “Hey, are you Tiffany?” he asks her with a cocky grin.

The woman spins around with a dazzling smile. “That depends. Are you buying me a drink?” she teases him.

“I am. And I’m going to rock your world.”

Tiffany keeps in her scoff. “I think you have things backwards,” she says, forcing herself to run her crooked finger along his clothed forearm and flutter her long eyelashes at him...


Drunken lasciviousness mars his features once they get back to his hotel room hours later. “You’re gonna have to put on a little show for me first.”

“Okay!” she promises him with another wicked grin.

Deep lines form in Tyler’s forehead when rather than take anything off, Tiffany puts more clothes on— a jacket made of cheap, non-breathable material, a matching pair of sweatpants, loafers, a motorcycle helmet, and big, riding gloves.

“What the fuck?”

“Oh, Tyler Kwon. I know all about you and how you like to give girls chlamydia. I’m not taking any chances,” the redhead says sharply before snapping the visor down over her face. Not one millimeter of her skin is showing any longer.

“What the Hell are you doing?” His attempt at appearing unafraid fails miserably.

“Oh.” She smiles sinisterly though he can’t see it. “Nothing you won’t like.”

“I don’t like being beaten or robbed!” he cries in a squeaky voice.

“Oh, don’t worry. I won’t lower myself to the level of scum like you. I’m actually gonna get you off,” Tiffany says as she mounts the bed and sits astride his legs, wrapping a hand around his penis.

“No! Stop!” he cries as he struggles.

“Is that what she asked you? I bet that all the girls you’ve been with begged you hundreds of times to stop. I’ll listen to you now as well as you listened to them then.” She keeps pumping him even after he blacks out. 

“You’re a lot scary sometimes, Fany-yah. You know that. Brilliant, but scary.” Taeyeon stares at her wife in awe before kissing her softly on the lips once.

“Aw, thanks, WonWon!” Tiffany laughs. “Now give me the pics.” Reluctant chuckles puff from her lips after a moment. “I still can’t believe that Jessi tried to pee on Kryssie when their parents first brought her home from the hospital.” Wryly, she looks at the shot of three-year-old Jessica hiking up her dress and squatting over what would be her sister, the expression on the pigtailed-child’s face startled and tearful at being caught. “This last one looks so wrong with cut Kryssie out of it, but damn is it perfect for this!” I won’t let him get away with hurting you, Jessi. Never. Gritting her teeth and clamping her eyes shut, Tiffany smears the picture and a few self-chosen donations of young Krystal with Tyler’s juices. She then guides his limp hands into holding the pictures properly and presses his fingerprints into them with his slime as the ink. “Now he can never say that his semen just accidentally landed on the pictures, like that one bastard got away with on SVU...” 


Sobbing to the hotel concierge from behind her hands, Tiffany screeches, “I met this guy at the club a couple of miles away, and he told me to wait before meeting him in his hotel room, but... I found him touching himself! T-to pictures of tiny little kids! Oh my God; I’m going to be sick! I have to get out of here! Call 9-1-1! Please!”

She stands trembling with her hands over her mouth for the few seconds that it takes the middle-aged man to pick up the phone and start dialing; Tiffany then disappears into the night without looking back...


“No, it’s not! It’s not over! I have to live with this the rest of my life! I’m a criminal, TaeTae!” Her wife chokes, soft and hopeless. “TaeTae, I’m a sex offender!”

“Jagiya...” Taeyeon tries to comfort Tiffany despite her loss of words. 

“I set someone up to get raped! Convicted of a crime that he didn’t actually commit! ...TaeTae, what if he dies in prison? You know what happens to pedophiles there!”

“He won’t, Fany-yah. He’ll be fine.” Changing the topic to avoid anymore possible lying, Taeyeon says, “Don’t forget that he never got punished for the crimes that he did commit! He brutalized our sweet Sica-yah, for more than a year! She- He- Given the chance, he would have killed her! He almost did!”

“Y-yeah.” Tiffany tries to smile despite the way everything about her trembles and tears travel the tracks down her face ever faster. “I was just avenging my friend, right?” Her voice cracks again at the end.


The married couple falls back asleep firmly entwined with one other while another person lays awake.

Jessica stares at the ceiling, silent tears making their way down her own face into her hair. Why are you so loud, Tiff? What have you done? ...And what do we do now? she wonders. 

There is no answer.

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