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1.8 million BC. Ice Age/Homo erectus/ novel

A chapter in the book Screaming In The Night

Dawn Of The Ice Age

by BOO ghost

Book starts 1.85 million BC. Time of Homo erectus. Quantum leaps into future. Medieval times. 1591 AD. The silver haired wolves, werewolves, roam the forest and Scandinavian village.
At the peak of the last Ice Age, a vast ice sheet blanketed northern Europe, spanning from the British Isles, across Scandinavia, and into Russia, in the east, and the Barents Sea in the north. At maximum size, the Eurasian glacier was a continuous ice mass more than three times as large as the Greenland Ice Sheet, today, and contributed to a lowering of the world's oceans by about 24 m.

Meteor showers, Ice Age glaciers and below zero temperatures drive Homo erectus inside caves. Molten lava from a Eurasia volcano flows into sedimentary rock pools and cools. Rival Java men clans inhabit catacombs which consist of rabid bats, carnivorous cave slugs, spiders, hibernating bears, and silver composite bedrock. These tunnels fork omnidirectional like ant colony shafts. 

Paleoanthropologists hypothesize that these mole holes lead to the earth's core and to STYX, the river of fire. The Pleistocene prehistoric period is better known as the Ice Age. The Underworld divides the rift of darkness, a cesspool of satanic demons, gargoyles, brimstone, and lava. The horned gargoyle dwells here. Lucifer was cast out of heaven with 1/3 of the angels. He was the most beautiful angel.

In Revelations, biblical prophesies predict that the Beast will be unchained upon earth for a thousand years. He represents the pinnacle of darkness and evil. His demonic legions will battle the holy Homo sapiens at the Euphrates river in Persia. The trumpet will sound from the east. Christ's avenging sword and angelic armies will fight the Beast to save the Israelites from global obliteration. Lucifer and his fallen angels will be chained in Hades until freed. At the battles of Armageddon, legions of gargoyles and fire-breathing dragons will slay 2/3 of the human population. Atomic radioactive mushroom clouds will drift and poison plants, animals, man, and the sea; contaminating drinking water, nuclear winter will follow.

These tribulations are predicted in Revelation. After the Lamb opens the Seven Seals, the apocalyptic Four Horsemen will ride. They bring the Sword Of Destiny, war, famines, and black plagues upon the four corners of the earth. It will be - the likes of which has never been seen or shall be. The terrible birds and dragons will darken the sky. Rockets of fire will breathe from their belly. 

Lucifer has unchained the Spirit Wolf, Fenrir, which roams the Northwoods of the Enchanted Forest. Fenrir unshackled four silver-haired wolves into the Scandinavian wilderness. Hence sake, the legend of the werewolf is born.  



Story begins 1,850,000 million BC. Time of Ice Age and Homo erectus, ancestor of the neanderthal. The roots of the story evolves here, like the ape. Story will quantum leap to medieval times, Scandanavian village. The werewolf is born!

The homo erectus hunt for food. Next episode. They encounter...

Read more at https://phys.org/news/2016-03-picture-ice-age.html#jCp

Pithecanthropus erectus - Java man.


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