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Identity Crisis

Gender Confusion

by doggymad

Whilst browsing through a magazine last week ago, I realised that my sex education seems to be sadly outdated. Up to a few years ago I was aware that society was made up of heterosexual, homosexual and lesbian individuals. I had an idea that there were other people out there who had undergone treatment to change their gender.

Personally, I have no problem with any decision a person makes regarding their own life be it religion or dress code or anything else. But the article that I read the other day left me totally confused. It was about two people who met and fell in love; one male and one female. They had a child together before deciding that they were both living in the wrong bodies.

This couple consider themselves to be 'gender fluid' and their child is being brought up 'gender neutral.' I am at a total loss to understand this concept. I am in favour of boys playing with dolls or girls pretending to be mechanics, but where do we draw a line, or has the line disappeared.

There is no escaping the fact that a boy has male genitals and needs to be aware of the responsibility attached to his gender. Similarly a girl has to be made aware of the changes that will occur when she reaches puberty. I suppose that the female of the species is luckier than the male when it comes to dress code. It is totally acceptable for a woman to wear jeans or trousers, whereas, a male in a dress is always going to create a stir.

Here in Ireland it is illegal to drive until you are sixteen years of age. You cannot purchase alcohol or smoke until you are eighteen. In fact you cannot engage in sexual intercourse under the age of seventeen. Yet there are young people out there who are being accepted for gender reassignment by this time.

Some statistics state that 20 percent of people who opt for gender reassignment at a young age regret is and seek to have the process reversed. The trauma they endure must be horrific as they have made a life changing decision before their hormones have finally settled down.

It would be cruel of me to suggest that any individual be destined to live a miserable life just to conform to the dictates of society, but I can't help wondering if more care could be taken in steering them through the most important decision of their entire existence.


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