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A Myriad of Uses

Value for Money

by doggymad

As I was putting out the rubbish last night, I noticed that the bag was unusually heavy. Curiosity got the better of me and I opened up the refuse sack to see what it actually contained. It appeared that in my absence my other half had taken to dumping newspapers into the bin.
After removing the offending articles, I found my thoughts returning to my child hood, in particular the dread my mother had of any form of waste. Newspapers were not just for reading and discarding, they had much work to do first.
Once the contents had been perused, they sheets were then cut into strips, threaded on a piece of twine and relegated to the bathroom to be utilised for hygienic purposes. I am happy to relate that the print was more stable back then and not prone to leaving black patches on your anatomy.
In those days only the banner from the paper had to be returned to the office, so there was plenty of newsprint available for other tasks. There were few window cleaning products on the market that could outshine a crumpled sheet of newspaper.
No firelighter ever entered our home. Instead kindling was placed over tightly wrapped tapers of newspaper to start the fire. In the absence of coal blocks made with water and paper and some coal dust doubled up as fuel.
My favourite use for the old reliable tabloid or broadsheet as it was in the 1960’s was wrapping chips (French Fries) in it. I have yet to taste anything like a piping hot bag of chips out of it. Brown paper bags and cardboard containers just don’t do it for me.
I searched Google before writing this and indeed there are many other uses for the humble bringer of news, but if I included them all this story would be very long indeed.



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