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Chrissy builds a family...

Baby Talk

by teols2016

Chrissy opened the door and flipped on the light. The baby's cries were louder now and she hurried to the crib, her slipper-covered feet making soft thumps along the way.

"Hey, Little Man."

She lowered the crib's rails as she was too short to otherwise reach in and scoop up the baby boy.

"It's okay, Benny. I'm here. I've got you."

Despite her sporadic contact with baby Benjamin "Benny", she felt her soothing voice sounded very natural. She could handle this.

Benny continued crying as she held him. Cradling him in one arm, Chrissy threw her long blond hair over her shoulders so the strands wouldn't bother him. She held him up and took a quick whiff near his bottom. No, the diaper was fine. She held him against her pajama-clad torso again.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

She walked around the nursery, gently rocking him as she considered other options. But the rocking seemed to take effect and his cries soon softened until they were gurgles.

"There you go. Did you just have a bad dream?"

Chrissy's green eyes looked down into his piercing blue ones. She then studied the growing strands of brown hair which dotted his smooth, round head. The boy was as handsome as his father.

"You miss your daddy?"

The response was another gurgle as Benny's eyes began to droop.

"I'm sorry I had to kill him."

Chrissy held him tighter.

"He needed to go. Your mother and I wanted to be together and he wouldn't have it. This was the only way. I promise he didn't suffer."

She walked back towards the crib.

"Don't worry. I'll be here to take care of you. We're going to be a family and everything will be okay."

By now, Benny was half-asleep and she set him down again, making sure the blanket covered him well. It was a cold night and she wished she'd grabbed a robe before responding to the baby's cries. Nevertheless, she watched until Benny was all the way back in dreamland. He seemed content, so the nightmare wasn't making an encore performance.

"I love you."

She turned off the lights and slipped out of the room, her feet making almost no sound this time. With just a small click, the door was closed behind her.

As she headed back to the master bedroom, where Jackie might or might not be awake, Chrissy studied the house, looking forward to the day where people would accept that the grieving widow was moving on. Then, they no longer had to be discreet, including her having to sneak in via the back door. Soon, they'd openly be living together. And, someday, Chrissy and Jackie would exchange vows.

Chrissy thought about Patrick. She'd known the couple for years before she and Jackie realized there was something more between them. She'd always liked him and did feel bad about killing him. But he would have never allowed things to happen as the women wanted. He would have fought and fought, doing whatever he could to save a marriage Jackie was ready to leave behind her.

No, the heart attack was a more practical solution. Being a nurse, Chrissy had access to what they needed to make it look natural.

Chrissy entered the master bedroom to find Jackie sitting up in bed, several brunette strands hanging across her face. God, she looked beautiful. And the moonlight through the window illuminating her pale skin was one heck of a bonus.

"Is he okay?" Jackie asked, meaning Benny.

"Yeah," Chrissy said, getting back into bed. "Seems like he just had a bad dream. He settled down again pretty quickly once I got there."

"Thanks for going."

Jackie smiled and lay down again, moving in close to Chrissy. The two women wrapped their arms around one another. Nights like this proved their love was real and not just a byproduct of lust. Sure, they'd made love in this very bed many times when Patrick was working late or out of town, but they often just held each other. Tonight, neither woman was wearing particularly flattering pajamas, but they didn't care. Lying in each other's arms had its own rewards.

"Soon," Jackie whispered. "Soon we don't have to hide anymore. Then, everything will be better ... dare I say, amazing."

Chrissy smiled and looked into her soft, sensual, brown eyes.

"Can't wait."

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Sometimes, we just need to speak our minds to whomever is around.
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