Biographical Poetry posted October 28, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
When you need to say sorry, really say it.


by Tier V. King

Written by Tier V. King on March 20, 2015

Today I am apologetic.
My heart is full of apology and hurtful sorry.
I wish hard to say I 'm sorry,
so sorry that I was too sorry to be properly sorry for your loss.
For just because I am still suffocating from my own extreme losses
is, of course, no reason that I should not have been there for yours.

My dearest love, believe me,
if I could hold your heart in my hands, I would kiss it so tenderly.
If my heart could beat for yours, while yours is broken.
I would freely make it available,
even if it would
stop my heart from beating
so that yours would beat without the pain.
I could harness the pain you feel today, 
as such felt last year, as well as your tomorrows.

He was the reason you exist,
the man of my dreams,
the man of my life.
He was the reason why you are so proud, so strong,
and so much my  reason to be.

He was your reason...and the reason you are breathing
with so much pride and honor.

You have lost someone so precious,
so important to your life and as your wife
I should have been by your side to wipe your tears,
those tears you must have cried but tried to hide.

If I could re-do last year and today all over again
I would be properly sorry.
My apology would hold you in it's arms
to warm your pain and sooth your sorrows.
It would be strong for your weak time, forgetting mine.
It would be ready for your breakdown.

I will live the rest of my life so sorry
because life kept giving me sorry, loss and broken of my own
until I could not notice yours.

I've been so angry with being so sorry all of the time
that I could not be properly sorry when you needed me to be,
and for that I am so sorry.

You know that I know loss personally.
You know that I know pain closely but mostly
you know that I know broken and coping
with the reign and the rain of pain.
They have all become so embedded in our lives
but no real friend,
not mine, not yours, not ours.

I wish that I met him properly.
I wish that I would have reached for him more.
I wish that I was there with you today and there with you before,
wishing with you for your father
and remembering him properly.

So I will take this day to remember the memories about him
that you shared with me
and I wish that I was looking into his eyes
still alive and by your side.

I beg that my sorry will always mean it's sorry,
because believe me

I am so sorry for not being properly sorry
so please accept my sorry,
my love.

I'm Sorry contest entry


The photo is me and my husband January 2016.

When my husband's father died, I was still trying to get back up from the knock out punch that losing my oldest son was for me.

My husband went to Trinidad for his father's service without me. I really could not feel his pain at that time because of my own loss.

The next year on the anniversary of his father's death, I realized that I was so wrong. He still needed me. This was when I wrote this poem for him and he was so thankful.

I was trying to attach "I'm Sorry" by Dru Hill but I was unable to do it. It would've went nicely with this poem.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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