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Vicious Pit Bulls

The Misunderstood Breed

by Bichon

As I'm sure the majority of you know, Pit Bulls are not described as the friendliest dog in the media. They are constantly bashed, and people who own them don't always have the best image.

In reality, they are a very friendly breed. They have tested higher in temperament than some of the most recommended family dogs, such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers. As a lot of Pit Bull owners say, the only thing dangerous about them is their huge tail.

Pit Bulls are the most popular dog used for fighting. A lot of them have DA (dog aggression) bred so much into their lines, it isn't always possible to find one without it. Quite often, people confuse dog aggression with people aggression. These two are very distinctive traits and should not be confused with each other.

They are also one of the most common dogs found in shelters. People are too scared to even approach these dogs, due to the media brainwashing them.

A lot of places have strictly banned Pit Bulls altogether. If your dog even remotely resembles a Pit Bull, they can take the dog away and euthanize it. They are ranked as one of the highest breeds to be put to sleep each year.

There happens to be a lot of myths that also surround these dogs. Such as they have locking jaws that won't let go once they bite you. This is the most popular one, which is completely false. No dog has the ability to lock their jaws.

Did you know that, proven by bite statistics, that a Pit Bull does not bite the most people each year? The breed that has been recorded as the highest is the Labrador. Border Collies, Jack Russell's and Chihuahuas are also amongst the most common.

I urge you not to believe the media, and do some actual research if you are considering adopting a dog. Just because an article is trending, doesn't mean it has any truth to it.


Rottweilers, Staffies and Doberman are also among the list of misunderstood breeds, but Pit Bulls seem to be the highest ranking.

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